Increasing Your Faith and Spirituality Can Lead to Breakthroughs in These 3 Big Ways

Increasing Your Faith and Spirituality Can Lead to Breakthroughs in These 3 Big Ways


There is clearly a reason that religion and a belief in a higher power have played such a central role in civilizations since the dawn of humanity. While early groups might not have understood the impact these rituals had on their minds and bodies, they obviously found the experience rewarding enough to pass down through oral and eventually written traditions.

In more recent generations, experts have been able to pinpoint exactly how spirituality can provide people with very unique and identifiable benefits. The list below is a partial outline of the ways faith has been shown to improve various aspects of the human experience.

Handle Stress More Appropriately

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It is harder than ever for some people to handle the increased tensions inherent in a world dominated by technological advances and punctuated by often schismatic political arguments. As many motivational speakers and groups like The Way International have advised, it is important to maintain a connection with a higher power in the pursuit of clarity and improved mental health.

In addition to coping with stress in a more appropriate way, increased spirituality has been linked in some studies to an improved feeling of personal well-being as well as a decreased fear of death.

Keep Physical Health In Check

While emotional health might seem a bit nebulous and hard to define in stark terms, there have also been credible claims that faith can improve specific health issues.

Among these is an apparent link to lower levels of hypertension among those with a strong spiritual connection. These benefits are in addition to the other possible benefits including lower rates of depression and a better, more resilient response to difficult situations and events.

Some possible links between physical health and faith can become blurred with improvements within the mind and soul. In any case, some advocates say the results in both realms are undeniable.

Improve Overall Outlook On Life

This list would not be complete with the common response among those who have found or deepened their link to a higher power through an act of faith. Just like the traditions themselves, each person’s reaction in this realm will be unique and look different for every individual.

There will likely be a common experience in a broader sense, however, and many genuine attempts to increase that spiritual bond are marked by a noted improvement in a person’s general approach and reception of life’s ups and downs.

Billions of people already say faith plays a pivotal role in their daily lives. Whether or not they understand all of the related results of those beliefs, evidence points to some real improvements to both body and mind. The soul is a strange concept to many people, but the more experience one builds in this area, the more likely he or she is to have a better overall life as a result.

Though the underlying cause of this link remains ripe for debate and open to interpretation, it is hard to argue with the results of various studies attempting to uncover those apparent ties.

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