7 Parts of your business that are AI ready

7 Parts of your business that are AI ready


It’s easy to think that artificial intelligence is just the domain of science fiction, but it’s something that we’re coming across every day. For example, there are thousands of homes now using Amazon Alexa technology, and your smartphone has AI tech embedded in it.

As such, AI is something that’s ready to be used in your business. There are multiple aspects of it that are AI ready, and you should be taking advantage of that. Here are the parts of your business that you can improve with AI right now.

7 Parts of your business that are AI ready

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1. Sales

While most of sales will require on human input, that work can be backed up with strong AI. For example, it can offer more accurate sales forecasting, so you can plan ahead as needed. One of the biggest benefits is that of predicting customer needs.

Machine learning can take in data from your customers over time, and that will help you see what they may be looking for in the future. That’s a great way to start planning for future sales and lines, so your customers get what they want, when they want it.


2. Marketing

Most top companies are now using AI in their marketing efforts. If you aren’t already, you need to catch up. AI is vital for sorting through customer data to create ready made demographics, so you can see who’s buying from you, and how you can appeal to them.

Chatbots are another marketing tool that is incredibly helpful. These help customers navigate your site, pointing them in the right direction. It decreases frustration and allows them to get what they need, quickly.


3. IT Work

This is usually where businesses first start implementing AI, as it’s easy to do so and offers a lot of benefits. It’s most commonly used to automate a lot of processes, taking the workload off of AI operatives. It can also analyse IT error log data, enabling staff to make changes to correct these errors.

Machine learning allows the AI to identify issues before they arise. When this happens, your staff can actually fix them before the whole system goes down.


4. Contact Centers

Again, AI is not able to completely automate contact centers, but has helped tremendously streamline the process of getting help for customers. Again, this is thanks to the data that it can collect on them. With that data, the AI can predict what customers are aiming to do, and so provide them with the best next action to take.

That data that’s collected by automated contact centers can also be analysed, to better understand customers and their needs.


5. Research & Development

As machine learning can help sort through huge amounts of data easily, it very much opens up your R&D department to new ideas. They can use that data to get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t than ever before. Because of this, they’ll be able to create new products that more closely match the customers’ needs than ever before.


6. Human Resources

It’s not just your customers you can manage with AI, but your staff too. Of course AI can’t completely replace your HR department, but again it can make their job a lot easier. This is especially true in recruitment. If you’re getting hundreds of applicants, you can’t go through them all by hand. Using AI will help you whittle down the applicants to the best people to interview.


7. Building Maintenance

Here’s a use for AI that you may not have thought of. When you use AI in your building maintenance, you can make the building much more comfortable for everyone using it. For example, AI can automate the HVAC systems and lighting, to make it just right for everyone inside. If you use IoT devices too, you can monitor all parts of the building for any maintenance issues before they can arise.


These are just a few different departments that can really benefit from you implementing AI. In some areas, many businesses are already using it as standard, so you’ll want to catch up. With AI, you can make great advances and free your staff up to work on other problems, rather than handling routine tasks.

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