How to Put Projects in a Resume

How to Put Projects in a Resume


You probably will be thinking; should I include projects on my resume? Now let us show you how to include work projects in resume. A lot of young graduates often ponder how to put a research project on a resume and this is our college projects on resume example.

Listing personal projects on cv is very important as it is one of the many ways to sell youself to the hiring manager. It gives them an opportunity to see your potentials and decide whether or not you are a suitable fit for the role and the organization at hand or not.

It is also of paramount importance to list out your most relevant projects with respect to the job you are applying for so as to communicate to them your experience and skills. Also, do not fail to give examples of situations in which you put these skills of yours to play. It is advisable also to let them know the jobs you have handled in the past as that too can help throw more light on your abilities. You will also learn how to write ongoing project in resume, and here we go.

Methods of Listing Out Projects in a Resume

Table of Contents

We have three major how to add projects to resume and they are:

  • List the skills or accomplishments you want to highlight
  • Think out and write down the projects related to them that you wish to include.
  • Pick strategies points to list them on your resume.

We will then discuss these one after the other in other to give us a broader understanding of each of them as they all relate to how to put in projects perfectly.

List the Skills or Accomplishments you Want to Highlight

The key to listing out the needed skills is taking note of the qualifications the hiring organization is looking out for. This can be easily seen on the page or on the flyer where the vacancy is posted. This is important and advisable because the more you meet the qualifications, the higher the chances of you landing the job is. I therefore implore you to think out calmly and carefully before listing out the said skills and make sure that they align both with the organization’s requirements and the role you are applying for.

Think out and Write Down the Projects Related to Them That you Wish to Include

Having listed out the skills you wish to highlight, the next important step to take is to write down the projects you have completed narrowing it down to the most relevant for the position or role you are applying for. It is important to put only projects relevant for this post as recruiters spend just about 7 seconds on each resume especially when the number coming for the open slot is much. Therefore, it is important to sell yourself off to them via your resume at one glance. If you do not, they see you as unqualified and quickly move on to the next candidate.

Pick Strategies Points to List Them on Your Resume

This is the most important of all steps and this is where we will base most of our information. This is because correct orderliness can go a long way in landing ya your dream job. We have three main places where projects are listed in a resume. They are:

  • Under each job description
  • Under the projects section
  • Under the education section

For the benefit of us all, I’ll address these singularly but briefly.

Under each job description : You can highlight the projects you wish to include under its specific job description. In this, you’ll be able to showcase what you accomplished in each of your previous employments to your hiring manager. It is a great way of selling yourself. Make sure to state the previous job in question, duration, position occupied and achievements gotten.

Under Projects Section : This method which is the most used method is normally used when you have a number of projects to list. All that is needed from you is to create a project section in your resume and call it key projects. Now naming the heading is not the end of the race as your presentation is also of great importance. To code or list out your projects using this method, just follow the steps I’ll dropdown.

  • Name this section key projects of you haven’t done that yet
  • Name out the projects sequentially (i.e. 1, 2, 3,…) with their names
  • Now select them one after the other. For each of them,
  • Write down project name
  • Type duration and write down how long you worked on the project.
  • Write down the organization worked for and employer’s name.
  • Write down obvious accomplishments attained during your time in the organization.

 Be sure to repeat these steps for the other projects. This is the most used method as it is easy to swap projects and use the resume for application of another job entirely without necessarily rewriting the whole thing.

Under Education section: If you have education-related projects to list out such as teaching projects or senior projects, it is advisable to list them in the education section, just below your degree and university information. This will help in orderliness.

Although, with these, it is highly possible to write your resume, I won’t let u go without giving you an extra bit because we do not want to just write….. We want to Standout! … positively…


Be Concise : When we say something is concise, it means that it is brief but with all necessary, This is to avoid the recruiter from being bored with your work. So, provide as many details you can provide while being concise.

Provide Detail: As much as being concise is important, giving details is important too. The basics of the project such as the name of the project, duration, how many hands we’re on, etc. must not be forgotten. It gives the recruiter a chance to see your capabilities.

Choosing the right words: The importance of choosing the right words cannot be overemphasized so far writing of resumes are concerned. When describing each project on your resume, be mindful of the language and words you use. Avoid foul and corrupt words but rather focus on action verbs that will be used in explaining key career points. Phrases such ad developed, transformed, established, etc should be highly considered. Remember, the more powerful your words, the greater the effect on your recruits.

Haven showed you how to include academic projects in resume, I wish you good luck in your resume writing and do not forget! The key is to Standout!!

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