PayPal money adder apk review; legit or scam? - Read before you join

PayPal money adder apk review; legit or scam? – Read before you join


PayPal money adder apk review; legit or scam? PayPal adder is an app that is alleged to add money to one’s PayPal account for free. It only requires running the app, filling the form and then receiving the money.

PayPal money adder is deemed fraudulent as PayPal is the most secured financial payment processor presently hence, it would not allow malicious application manipulate their database for a long period of time.

PayPal adder will request your email, amount and currency you want to receive. It would however not request your password.  It is generally advised to steer clear of free cash online as this situation is still dangerous because of the following reasons:


This is the duplicitous attempt to retrieve sensitive information such as email addresses for malicious intent. Phishers disguise as reputable companies to entice the unassuming person to reveal personal information.

These phishers would imitate PayPal by sending emails to customers requesting customers authorize them to solve a supposed issue. These phishing sites can be identified with their domain name even though the web address may seem to emanate from PayPal.


The email addresses can be sold to different big companies who tend to send out unsolicited emails which often appear as spam. These spam mails consume browsing time as they are often times not relevant to the browser’s purpose.

The PayPal money adders tend to make profit by selling out email addresses for large sums of money.

MALWARE DOWNLOAD: Some PayPal money adder may contain viruses and if one’s computer is not updated with an antivirus, it is easy for the computer to be infected and important files corrupted.


The process of installing this app requires the initial purchase of this app hence, paying money to purchase this malicious app is to the disadvantage of internet users.


These apps often require referrals and promotions. Hence, users of this app would be requested to fill a survey form and further notify other social media friends of the claimed promos on these apps.

Free money online is generally suspicious and needs to be verified and gaming PayPal to transfer funds is practically impossible. PayPal money adder generators are illegitimate and should thus be avoided.

These adders can also be recognized by the salutations on the body of the mail sent to you, where a customer is referred to as dear customer. This is opposed to authentic institutions who address customers on first name basis through their mail.

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