How Much Does It Cost To Build An eLearning Mobile App Like Coursera?

How Much Does It Cost To Build An eLearning Mobile App Like Coursera?


Education has seen massive growth in the past few years, like other industries. In fact, the demand has rapidly increased after the pandemic. Education is not about attending classes, taking notes, and attending lectures. Instead, it can be defined as creativity, connectivity, and critical thinking. 

With modern technology advancements, students and teachers can attend online classes as per their own flexibility, anytime and anywhere. 

Many famous e-learning apps are available in the market, like Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, etc. Among many, Coursera is unique because of the app interface, a good LMS platform, and a wider variety of courses available for users. 

In this digital era, ed-tech apps are in huge demand, and developing one similar to Coursera can give your business a huge profit. 

In this post, you will get the estimated cost to build an eLearning mobile app for your business. 

Estimated Cost For eLearning Mobile App Development In 2022

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e-Learning apps are the future of education. Students and teachers are more comfortable with these apps. If you are a business owner, this is the right time to develop an online learning app for your customers. Below mentioned are the factors determining the cost of e-learning mobile app development in 2022:

1) Application Type For Ed-tech Mobile App Development Services

Before you develop an app, you must decide the type of app you want to build. Basically, there are three major app types you can choose:

i) Native Apps

If you are interested in developing an app for one specific platform or operating system, you can move ahead with native apps. They are designed for only one platform; you cannot merge them. The technologies used to develop an app are Java, Kotlin, Python, Swift, etc. 

These apps are reliable and faster because they are developed for a dedicated platform. The estimated cost to develop an ed-tech app in native is more than $75,000. The price may vary depending on the app’s complexity. 


ii) Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are designed that look and feel similar to native apps, but can run only in web browsers. 

These apps are designed using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, etc. One major benefits of progressive web apps are they can work offline. You don’t have to download the app, as it can run on any web browser. The development cost is more than $50,000.


iii) Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are web apps that look and feel like native apps. These apps have app icons, responsive design, faster performance, and can even work offline. Some of the latest technologies used to develop this kind of app are Objective-C, Swift, HTML5, etc. The estimated cost to develop a hybrid app is more than $75,000.

All the prices are the estimated cost, and they may vary depending on the app’s complexity. 


2) Choosing the Right Platform 

After choosing the right app type, choosing the right platform for the app becomes important. As a business leader, you have to find the right user’s choice. You can either go with Android or iOS. Developing the app in one single platform will cost you $50,000 or even more.  


3) Choosing the Right Resource

Choosing the right resource is equally important as the right app type and the right platform. You can find a mobile app development agency that can help you with the entire development process. 

You can also plan to hire a development team hourly, which may cost you between $49-$100/hour. It is your call whether you want to choose to outsource a team or select for an hourly basis. 

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4) Planning the Right App Design

When you are planning to develop an app, you must think of app design. A design is an important element of any app. It makes your app look attractive and make engaging. When you are planning to develop an e-learning mobile app, it should be designed effectively. A well-optimized LMS, an online portal for students and teachers, a separate study material section, etc. From basic to complex designing, app designing may cost you between $50,000-$2,00,000. This price may vary depending on the complex design. 


Undoubtedly, the demand for e-learning apps is rapidly increasing, and developing an online education app can be the right decision for your business. The 21st century is the right time when you can develop the right app for your business. 

However, talking about the e-learning app development cost can range from $50,000-$3,00,000. The price range includes all the features and functionality.

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