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5 Best Free Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone


Even if you go out of your way to be your child’s best friend, there will be certain aspects of their lives they will never share with you. However, as a parent, you cannot just turn a blind eye and let them head down the wrong path. The perfect way to keep an eye on them without suffocating them with constant intrusions is to use reliable tracking apps free of cost.

To save you the trouble of going through hundreds of options, we have made a short list of the best free tracking apps for Android and iPhone.

Why Should You Use Cell Phone Tracking Apps

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Free tracking apps are the perfect tool to keep an eye on your children even when they are away. The digital world is a dangerous place for vulnerable kids. Keeping an eye on their phone calls, messages, and social media activities will let you see everything that’s going on in their lives, who they are talking to and what they are talking about.

Features like GPS tracking and surround recording will also keep you updated about your child’s current whereabouts so that you are able to rush in at the slightest signs of danger.

Phone Tracking Apps Mechanism Explained

A free tracking app basically acts as a portal between your own device and the targeted device. Even without direct access, you can see, monitor, and control everything happening on your device as if it were your own. These free tracking apps provide you with a control panel or dashboard where you get updated information about the activities on the target phone, like phone calls, messages, social media activities, SIM card changes, current location, etc.

Certain advanced tracking apps go a step ahead and let you have remote control over the target device. Under this, it is possible to remotely delete messages and apps or block websites and restrict phone calls from certain contacts. It is also possible to remotely activate screen recording, take a screenshot or turn on their microphone to listen to their surroundings.

Use the App’s Free Trial Before Buying It

Tracking apps’ free trials help you decide whether you should invest in a tracking app or not.

Most tracking apps offer a generous free trial where you get a rundown of all its features and can actually use it live for a limited number of days, be it 7, 14, or even 30 in some rare cases.

That said, as a general marketing tactic, most apps do not offer their entire catalog of features in their free trial. Still, the trial will be more than enough to get a feel of what the app will work like in its full glory.

Best Free Tracking Apps to Buy Now!

Here is a list of our top 5 picks for the best free phone tracking apps. It’s your chance to test the waters before spending your hard-earned money.

1.    iKeyMonitor: Overall, the Best Free Tracking App

iKeyMonitor is the best free phone tracking app and one of the most popular all-in-one parental control apps available for both Android and iPhone. It helps you monitor your child’s activities and protect them from cyberbullying by tracking their messages, web activity, phone calls, and location. Their text message tracking feature also extends to other instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Snapchat.

The best part is you don’t just have to be a remote spectator and see what they are doing. You can also take action and protect them by remotely limiting their screen time, taking real-time screenshots, blocking websites, and listening to their surroundings through Surround Recording.

Another amazing benefit of giving preference to iKeyMonitor, among other free tracking apps, is the ability to set up trigger words so that you get a special email alert anytime your child uses those words.

2.    Qustodio: Free Tracking App for Multiple-Device Compatibility

If you are looking for the best phone tracking app free of cost with expertise in digital wellness solutions, Qustodio is the perfect one. It not only helps you monitor your child’s activity but also makes it easy for you to minimize their screen time and ensure they adhere to it.

One of the best features of Qustodio, the best phone tracker app without permission, is it automatically filters out harmful games, websites, and content and redirects your kids to child-friendly sites. Along with basic call tracking and location detection, Qustodio enables your children to send you a quick SOS in case they are in danger.

With more than 4 million users, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Chrome, iOS, and Kindle.

3.    TiSPY: Best Free Tracking App with a Keylogger

If you are looking for a few more advanced features in the phone tracking app, try TiSPY. Along with the basic call, texting, location, and social media tracking, it also offers advanced keylogging and audio/video surveillance. The keylogger feature tracks every word your child types in, whether it’s on messages, social media, or Chrome. And the audio/video surveillance lets you monitor their surroundings through live photos, audio, and video telecast.

If you don’t have the time to keep checking TiSPY for updates, you can even sign up for their instant email alerts to know about location changes, event alerts, and SIM card changes.

4.    iCloud Find My: Best Free Tracking App for iPhone

Among free tracking apps, this software, as the name suggests, only works for iOS. iCloud Find My is actually used to locate lost devices but can also be used to track your child’s current location.

To track the device, log into iCloud and click on “All Devices”. Then select the device you are trying to track. The name of the device will pop up in the center of the toolbar, and if it’s online, you will immediately get to see it on the map.

If the device cannot be tracked, it will show “Offline,” allowing you to track their last known location in the last 24 hours. If you are looking for something less invasive and easy to set up, iCloud Find My is one of the best tracking apps for iPhone.

5.    Google Maps: Best Free Android Tracking App

If you don’t want to go for any fancy phone tracking app and want the best free tracking app for Android, keep it simple with Google Maps. The perfect way to track your child’s location with Google Maps is through the Family Link App. All that you have to do is open the Family App, select your child’s account, tap on “Locations” followed by “Set Up,” and click on “Turn On.”

The only downside with Google Maps, one of the best free tracking apps, is you can only track their device location. Also, once your child turns 13 (or whatever is the age of consent in your country), they can turn off the location-sharing feature without your approval.

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As your kids step into their preteen and teenage years, getting them to open up becomes next to impossible. But as a parent, your concern can never really go away. In that case, the only way to keep an eye on them is through a free tracking app. Our small list of the best free phone tracking apps covers advanced platforms like iKeyMonitor that give you complete parental control, as well as regular apps like Google Maps that are comparatively less invasive. Whatever your pick—your child’s safety will never be at stake ever again.

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