How to Make Money with Liquid Web Affiliate program

How to Make Money with Liquid Web Affiliate program

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Learn how to make money with the Liquid Web affiliate program. Here we cover everything you need to know about the Liquid Web Affiliate program, their commission rate, how to register, how to promote, payment method, and tips to make money from it

When it comes to the provision of premium, reliable, and highly efficient web hosting, be it for WordPress or WooCommerce, Liquid Web cannot be left out. The company has made its mark in the web hosting industry ever since its inception in 1997.

The company sets itself apart from others by providing high quality, reliable and premium services unlike the usual, cheap, and highly competitive shared hosting made available by the other web hosting companies. This accounts for the high prices of their products.

Liquid Web introduced their affiliate programs and they’ve been paying out huge amounts for years now. Affiliate marketing in its basic form involves recommending a product for a potential buyer and getting paid some commission when the buyer ends up buying the product.

What this means is that when someone buys any of the packages offered by Liquid Web through your unique affiliate link, liquid Web will pay you some commission for the sale. The amount paid is usually very attractive compared to that offered by other affiliate programs.

Liquid Web Affiliate Commission Rate

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Liquid Web has the highest commission rates I have seen so far amongst Web hosting companies. The company pays out 150% of the cost of hosting for a month, and the minimum amount paid to affiliate marketers is $150. This means that if you refer a customer and he/she ends up buying a $29 Managed WordPress package, you will be paid $150 as commission.

Better still, if you refer a customer and he/she ends up buying a$400/month Dedicated Server Hosting, you will be paid $600 as commission. To further sweeten the offers, Liquid Web also pays a 50% bonus for plans that are pre-paid

Their commission rate is massive and very lucrative when compared with what Bluehost, Hostgator and others are offering. Below is a breakdown of the CPA assigned to each of the packages offered by Liquid Web:

·        Managed WordPress: $150 – $2,000

·        Managed WooCommerce: $150 – $3,000

·        VPS Hosting: $150 – $300

·        Dedicated Hosting: $150 – $7,000

·        Cloud Hosting: $150 – $5,000

How to Register

Liquid Web does not handle their affiliate program directly, rather, they entrusted it to two of the best companies in the affiliate marketing industry – Commission Junction (CJ) and Impact Radius. The registration process with both platforms is very simple and quick, all that is required are your basic information.

You will have to create an account with either of the companies you choose. Impact Radius is Liquid Web’s in-house platform. It provides affiliates with multiple advertising campaign options, standard tracking and reporting, and a lot of other creative options. Liquid Web also offers web hosting credits as a payment option through Impact Radius.

To sign up for Liquid Web’s affiliate program, create an account with any of the listed companies:

1.      CJ Affiliate

2.      Impact Radius

After registering with any of the above, you will be granted access to a wide selection of promotional materials usually in the form of professional, creative, and regularly updated banners and text links that you can embed or showcase on your website or blog.

Anytime a visitor on your website clicks through the banner or link and completes a purchase, you will be credited your commission instantly. This will be reflected on your dashboard. Their cookies can stick around for 90 days, this means that even if a visitor comes back after 3 weeks to complete a purchase after clicking on your link, you will still receive your full commission.

How to Promote Your Affiliate Links and Tips to Make Money from It

There are several ways you can promote Liquid Web’s products. The commonest ones are highlighted below:

1. Banners and text links: you will be given beautiful and creative banners that you can place at strategic positions on your website or blog. You can use as many banners as you want but it shouldn’t be too much in order not to get annoying to the visitor. The banners come in various sizes too, pick anyone you like and place them on the website.

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Text links can be positioned immediately after an article, in between articles, and in the footer section.

2. Article: this is done by writing an article on the products and services offered by Liquid Web. The article has to be well written with valuable contents and an embodiment of properly researched longtail keywords that will help to optimize the article for discovery by search engines.

Affiliate links are then introduced into the article in any section. Visitors after getting convinced by the article can decide to click on any of the links embedded in the article to buy the hosting thereby earning you some commission.

3. Social media: if you have a strong following on social media, you can take advantage of that to promote your affiliate link. A good way of doing that is by creating a short review of any package or generally talking about the benefits of using Liquid Web and then including your affiliate link at some point in the post.

You can also post pictures of banners if they are descriptive enough and then caption such banners with your affiliate link.

4. Email List: if you have an email list with thousands or any reasonable number f subscribers, you can send them an email with an offer or generally introduce the packages to them and then include your affiliate link.

Others: you can also make money from this affiliate program by recommending their products to friends, family members, and even webmasters or by encouraging them to share your affiliate link or post on forums and their social media accounts.

Payment Method

Each time you earn a commission, it will be reflected on your account. Your commissions will be deposited into your account 60 days after completing the sale. How you withdraw from there depends on your choice. You can use a direct bank deposit or request a check.



·        It is easy and free to join

·        You get approved instantly into the program

·        A commission rate of 150%

·        You get a minimum payout of $150 and a maximum commission of $7, 000 per sale

·        There are no payment delays

·        Free promotional tools like banner ads

·        Free contents, newsletters, and full information about a product

·        24 hours access to affiliate accounts to enable you to track results

·        You get a full-time affiliate program manager to help you succeed


·        The niche is quite competitive

·        Packages are quite expensive

·        Buyers can clear cookies

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