7 Best Colors For Hoodies

7 Best Colors For Hoodies In 2022


Don’t you just love hoodies? This simple, comfortable, and versatile piece of wardrobe is beloved by most guys and, when chosen properly, can help you look stylish and fashionable.

That’s right, hoodies are not just something you wear around the house or to the gym and can be styled to become an integral piece of a work or going-out look.

One of the best ways to make your hoodie look trendy and stylish is to choose fresh colors, and if you need ideas, we’ve got you!

Here are the best colors for hoodies in 2022.


1. Maroon

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Maroon is your color if you want to make a change but still stick to something traditional and versatile!

It’s bold and makes a statement, yet is not too brazen.

Maroon is also super versatile and will go with the colors you most likely already have. It works with grey, white, navy, black, khaki, olive green, etc.

Check out the awesome maroon zip-up hoodie by Fresh Clean Tees that will soon become your favorite go-to piece for casual office Fridays and weekend drinks with the guys!


2. Off-white or white 

While white and off-white are quite traditional colors, many guys avoid them thinking they’ll constantly need to worry about spills and stains.

They’re not totally wrong, but a little extra attention is so worth it for what a white hoodie offers.

This color can be dressed up and dressed down, so you can easily pair it with classic blue jeans, tailored chinos, or bright red trousers. All this gives you endless styling options for most occasions!


3. Deep Green

We love green because it looks great on everyone. We mean it. It doesn’t matter what color your hair and complexion are – you can pull green off!

Green also has this air of class and pairs well with most other colors such as brown, black, navy, or brown.

This color is perfect for those who want to branch out of black or brown hoodies yet are not ready for something like purple or yellow.


4. Purple

Speaking of purple, we’d like you to consider it even if it’s out of your comfort zone!

Purple is absolutely trending in 2022, and it elevates any outfit to a whole new level.

While bright purple is awesome, start with light purple if you want to play a safer game. Simply pair it with casual dark trousers and white leather sneakers!


5. Camel

Camel has been trending forever, and 2022 is no exception. It’s classy, neutral, and even luxurious if you choose the suitable fabric.

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Imagine a soft camel hoodie with camel trousers, white sneakers, and stylish sunnies for a Sunday brunch? Yep, it’s absolutely fantastic!

We love both oversized and fitted hoodies in camel, so whichever you choose, it’s the right choice!


6. Mustard yellow

A hoodie in mustard yellow is simply perfect for spring and summer 2022. It’s not as bold as classic yellow or lemon, yet it still delivers optimism and style.

Mustard looks excellent on most guys, and it’s easy to pair with white, navy blue, or charcoal chinos or even simple blue jeans.


7. Charcoal

Some people think that there’s only one black color, but let us tell you – they’re wrong. Charcoal is a fantastic shade of black or more like a blend of black and grey, and people love it in 2022.

This is the perfect alternative for guys who are “married” to black outfits or just don’t feel like wearing anything bright!

The good thing about charcoal is that it pairs well with literally any other color, so even if you decide to branch out to, e.g., green, yellow, or blue, you’re covered!

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