20 Best interview dress code ideas for men and women 2020

20 Best interview dress code ideas for men and women 2020


In this article, we review the 20 Best interview dress code ideas for men and women 2020. Gone are the days when interviewees had no other choice than to appear for an interview in formal wear. Interviewees these days can dress formally, business causally, or smart casual.  Meanwhile, there are other industries and businesses that have retained the formal dress code and expect their interviewees to appear that way.

The role that you are applying for can determine your interview dress code. Your dressing should give you an appearance that complements your experience and skill. It should give the interviewers the impression that you are the right person to fill the vacant post.

Irrespective of what the interviewer expects you to wear, whether formal dress, business casual or smart casual, you can very quickly be at a loss for what to wear to the interview. This article addresses the issue of what to wear to an interview, cutting across the different formal and less formal dress codes.

Here is some interview dress code for men to try out in 2020.

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1. Business Formal Dressing

You do not have to appear boring because you are wearing a formal dress. Lighten up with a grey suit and pants and a nice shirt and tie to go with it.

2. Black suit and black tie

This is a more basic formal wear that works in all office settings. Wear a button-down shirt to match and pay attention to little details on this simple dress code.

3. Combine color and layers

A button-down shirt and sweater under suites suitable for all types of interviews, business formal or casual. It also gives you a classy appearance.

4. Light-colored or khaki blazer with pants

This one is ideal if you are not sure of whether to go business formal or business casual. With a tie, it appears formal but without a tie, it appears causal.

5. Button-down shirt and sweater

This combination gives you the most business casual look you can imagine. Sweaters with neutral colors, navy blue, black or brown, matches different shirt colors.

6. Navy blue blazer

A navy blue blazer gives you a formal option apart from the regular black. But it has the same use and matches different shirts.

7. Color Ties

You do not have to always wear regular black and boring ties. Try something different with a not-too-flashy statement tie, especially in a business casual environment.

8. Bold button-down shirts

Try out the button-down shirts with classic colors for formal interviews. You can be more flexible with casual interviews considering you do not need ties.

9. Texture blazer

Texture blazer gives you a sense of style, sophistication, and class, and gives you a relaxed but professional look.

10. Basic pieces


Men’s fashion allows you to put on basic pieces, just shirt, and pants, and still appear very professional.

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Interview Dress code for women to try out in 2020.

While men and women fashion is different, the expectation for a dress code in a professional setting is pretty similar.

11. Navy blue blazer

Navy blue blazer match with different colors and can also be worn with button-down shirts or blouses with skirts or pants to give a professional look.

12. Button-down shirts

You can try out different colors of button-down shirts. You do not have to stick to the boring white or blue. Also, try out different types of fabrics too. However, wear a decent neckline and avoid showing your bra or cleavage.

13. Elegant blouses with details

Blouses with little details such as a bow can add so much elegance to your look. You can add a jacket on top for formal settings.

14. Try out khaki blazers

Khaki blazers look good on women like it does on men. It is also versatile and can be combined with a blouse or button-down shirt, with pants or a skirt.

15. Custom black dress

You can do no wrong in a black dress. This is a simple and common dress but still gives that modern professional look. Works for both formal and casual settings.

16. Sweater on black pants

Black pants are an important part of the female wardrobe. It can be paired with blouses, button-down shirts, and even sweater for business casual interviews.

18. Wear a statement dress

Appearing professional for an interview should not stop you from experimenting with color. But be careful of revealing necklines and short dresses.

18. V-neck sweater

V-neck sweater gives you a versatile look for your interview. You can wear it with a blouse or button-down shirt.

19. Try a print cardigan

There are some prints, like animal prints, that are not appropriate for interviews. But you can use some other types of interviews. You really do not have to be afraid of trying them out.

20. Navy blue gown

A navy blue gown gives you that simple but elegant appearance without compromising on your intended professional look.


Your dress says a lot about you and can also give you the confidence boost you need for your interview. Dress accordingly, but do it with style.

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