Here’s How to Scrap Your Old Car for Cash

7 Steps To Scrap Your Car For Cash


Each product has a lifetime and the same goes for cars. Using the same car for 10-15 years is not a good idea. The car gets old; maintenance costs get higher and frequent repairments can empty your pocket sooner or later.

So, if your car has become junk, it’s time to sell it. However, it’s hard to get rid of your old car. But sometimes, it’s the best option for a higher return.

Scrapping an aging vehicle is the quickest way to earn some cash. Additionally, you can make a lot of money by selling its parts individually for a maximum value. If that’s your priority, here’s how to scrap an old car for cash.

7 Steps To Scrap Your Car For Cash

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Here are seven steps for how to scrap your car and get rid of it:

1. Contact Different Companies or Local Junk Car Buyers

Selling an old car to a junkyard and scrapping it for reuse or recycling is a smart way to fund your next new vehicle. In order to do that, contact different companies or local junkyards and determine the value.

You need to provide them with the model and make of the car as well as how much damage is there. These little details will help junk car buyers to give you a quote. Remember, the car is already garbage and you can’t expect a higher value.

Additionally, you can also find junkyards to sell a car online. Many of them offer a fair market price and free towing with a hassle-free service. So, if you’re happy with the price and convinced to scrap the car, move on to the next step.

2. Check Vehicle Dealer License

Before proceeding for payment, ensure the vehicle buyer is a licensed buyer. It’s tempting to sell a junk car to whoever offers higher prices. But later, it may lead you to legal issues and penalties.

For this reason, visit the junkyard or auto salvage yard to ask for their license. Online buyers also offer online verifications if you want.

At the same time, check whether they are using a certified weight scale. Basically, the scarp cars get sold in tons. They measure the weight of the car and give you an amount based on the weight. Unfortunately, some dishonest car sellers often tamper with the scale. Consequently, you end up receiving much lesser money.

3. Check Reviews Online

No matter which junkyard you choose to scrap the car, always check for reviews. Quickly search on Google will give you information about the scrapyard. Moreover, check social media pages to know what previous customers are saying.

If the review is satisfactory, you can proceed. It’s always advisable to go for a reputed scrap recycling service that follows local and state regulations.

4. Know The Deductions For Your Scrap Car

It will not be easier to find a scrap car buyer offering the most money. There are some factors you need to keep in mind. For instance, they charge a fee for moving the vehicle from your location to the junkyard.

If your scrap car, truck or van is still roadworthy, then it’s fine. Or else, some buyers often offer to pick up or tow the car but deduct the cost from the final amount. So, take some time and compare the cash offer from different scrap companies online and offline.

In addition, when some car parts or the title is missing, buyers take off some money of its actual value. As different parts have different values, do some research before agreeing to their terms.

5. Do The Paperwork

Though it’s possible to sell the junk car for scrapping without documentation, dealers can pay you less than expected. Hence, get the car title in order so that you can transfer the ownership to that buyer.

In this way, if something accidental happens, like your car gets stolen before scrapped, you won’t be involved in the theft investigation.

In case your car title is missing, don’t worry. Go to the local or state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and know the requirements in your area. Based on your home location and car age (say 15 years older), you may not need a car title to submit. If needed, you can obtain a new certificate of title for the car.

Further in the DMV, you perhaps need to submit the license plate to cancel the title. You can also apply to cancel the insurance too. Don’t forget to check if you’re eligible for the refund if you pay the full coverage in advance.

6. Prepare The Car For Scrap

If you’re happy with the offered price from the buyer, prepare the car. Here are some important instructions to follow to scrap the car:

  • Transfer the car title to the buyer in order to avoid legal consequences.
  • Remove your personal belongings.
  • Empty the gas tank and remove other fluids.
  • Remove valuable parts to sell them individually, if you wish.
  • Remove non-metal components like seats, window glass, plastics etc.
  • Remove your car license plate.
  • Cancel car insurance.

7. Sell The Car

Finally, when you’re ready with all the paperwork, it’s time to say goodbye to your old car. You can schedule a pickup or drive the car for the last time to the scrapyard.

The buyer will investigate the car before finalizing it. If you miss any details or parts that could earn more money, let them know about it. When all is set, transfer the title to the dealer, take your cash and get the job done.


Scrapping an old car is always a better option to make some money. At the same time, scrapping it at the right marketplace with a fair amount is also vital.

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There are plenty online and local buyers are ready to offer you a price. You need to compare all and ensure receiving the easy service and correct value for your old companion.

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