30 Best Gym Equipment You Must Have In Your Home

30 Best Gym Equipment You Must Have In Your Home

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Amid the pandemic and enforced home quarantine, our fitness training has become uncertain, not to mention the humongous gym membership subscription cost. We have a better option. Here are 30 essential gym equipment which will save you the cost of subscription and won’t let you miss fitness goals. 

When we multitask in our hectic schedules, attending a gym club regularly is quite difficult. Moreover, the membership can be expensive. So which gym equipment and sport gear will spruce up your home gym to be on par with fitness clubs?

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30 Best Gym Equipment You Must Have In Your Home

Table of Contents

1. Kettlebell

If you are looking for functional gym equipment that can also be used for multiple workout types, choose a kettlebell for strength as well as cardio training.

2. Exercise Bench

Designed for easy weight training, you can lift weights while sitting on this bench. Most exercise benches are foldable and you can buy old weight benches from used gym equipment section of seller sites. These sturdy benches are made from steel and plastic.

3. Weighted Jump Rope

Revive the childhood memories of skipping with this outdoor gym equipment jump rope and shed calories.

4. Treadmill

The treadmill is universal gym equipment with a running facility used for aerobics as well as cardio training.

5. Medicine Ball

Lift and slam medicine rubber balls to work on your abs and to condition your whole body.

6. Weighted Arm Bands

Also known as wrist and ankle weights, these are meant for toning the arm and the lower legs by adding extra weight for pulling.

7. Exercise Mat

Exercise mats are at least one-inch thick. These are meant to absorb the impact of high-intensity exercises. Use these mats particularly if you have weak knees or workout on rough floors.

8. Weight Plates

When using barbells, you will need to slide bumper weight plates on them for strength training or weightlifting. Why go for bumper plates as your garage gym equipment? These are noise-proof and won’t crack when dropped because they are made of dense rubber.

9. Fitness Sliders

For those who want to flex their core muscles or focus on single-leg lunges, fitness sliders are ideal for enhancing the workout and improving balance.

10. Resistance Bands

A lightweight variation of weighted arms bands, resistance bands are ideal for toning your body. How to use gym equipment resistance bands? Slip them around the body part you are working upon, say thighs, and pull them tight, walking all the while.

11. Yoga Block

Fans of yoga can use this gym equipment made of foam or wood to support and improve their poses, especially Virasana(Hero’s pose) which can take a toll on the knees.

12. Diy Gym Equipment – Fitness Sandbag

Improve your stamina and concentration by punching on a DIY sandbag made with sand and other durable filling materials.

13. Barbell

A barbell is a must home gym equipment you need for building muscles and stability

14. Gymnastic Rings

Hanging from gymnastic rings will make your body more flexible and help you gain muscle mass in the upper body.

15. Power Tower

For chin-ups, dips and standard knee-raise exercises use a power tower that provides the best ergonomic support and is sturdy enough for calisthenics.

16. Foam Tiles Flooring

Use these tiles as your garage gym equipment to absorb shocks and to provide cushioning support to those working out in the home gym.

17. Foam Roller

After a strenuous workout session, you ought to use a relaxing foam roller over the sore muscles to ease the aches and to improve blood circulation.

18. Yoga Mat

If you are more of a yoga or Pilates fan, use these max-1 inch yoga mats to provide grip and allow you to perform poses with ease.

19. Plyometric Box

For plyometric exercise, that is, jump training, you can use these non-slip boxes to add fun to your jumps and squats and to amplify your cardio workout.

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20. Exercise Dice

Roll these dices and spruce up your workout regime with a variety of exercises. Exercise dices are lightweight and innovative. The first dice has different exercise images while the second is numbered, indicating the frequency of the training.

21. Yoga Strap

Another variation of the resistance band, yoga strap gym equipment helps you perform your poses perfectly by stretching the limbs.

22. Exercise Ball

Another efficient home gym equipment, the slightly squeezable exercise balls help you perform squats, bridges, hamstring curls, and numerous other stretch exercises comfortably.

23. Suspension Trainer

Gymnastic Rings are often attached to suspension trainers for support, which in turn lets you modify your workout angle and direction anytime.

24. Pull-up Bar

As the name suggests, these bars were originally designed for pull-ups but you can also do chin-ups and leg raises with this high bar.

25. Squat Rack

A variation of the barbell, squat rack is primarily designed to aid you in your squats by adding resistant weight which you lift while squatting.

26. Vertical Climber

This calorie-burning gym equipment gives you the feeling of climbing mountains, therefore, toning your muscles, particularly calves.

27. Exercise Bike

If you love cycling but aren’t able to go out in the pandemic, try the stationary exercise bike which gives you the same workout as bicycles and improves your heart’s condition.

28. Brain Sensing Headband

Particularly recommended for highly-stressed people or those with hectic regimes, a brain-sensing headband, when worn around the head, measures your brainwaves and helps you relax into meditation.

29. Smart Mirror

Smart mirror gym equipment functions as a mirror when switched off but opens up a live/ recorded training video when operated and you can follow the steps in it.

30. The Best Home Gym Equipment – All-in-one Smart Home Gym

This machine has smart sensors that set a workout regime for your body type and contains adjustable training arms which can be opened with a touch of the screen.

If you can assemble all these gym equipment in your home or garage, then you won’t have to subscribe to a professional gym anymore. Which of these do you already have and which are you going to buy? Drop a comment to let us know.

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