The Most Common Errors People Make While Using A GPS Tracking System

The Most Common Errors People Make While Using A GPS Tracking System


Technology revolutionizes the world. It radically alters established rules, processes, and compels one to adapt to a new way of life – like it or not.

Arthur C. Clarke, the British sci-fi writer, had this to say –

 Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

With exciting new technology come brand new challenges:

  • How do we channel technology to serve the collective needs of humanity?
  • How do we prevent technology from being misused?
  • How do I learn to use this technology?
  • How to maximize the benefits of such technology?

These and many other questions abound.

However, the fact remains – technology is disruptive, and we have to find a way around it.

One such disruptive technology that has taken the world by storm is that of the GPS Tracking System.

Be it your phone GPS tracker, car GPS tracker, and whatnot – GPS trackers are ubiquitous in the modern world.

Before we dive further in, let us first clear some basics on what GPS really is and which app to track fleets you should choose.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System.

GPS is a positioning system that provides real-time information on the location of an object.

Simple enough, isn’t it?

Yet, most people trip up when using the tracking system. Especially those new to it. Now making mistakes is not something you can afford if your very business revolves around optimally using GPS.

Do not worry!

We are here to help you.

Read on to know the most common errors people make while using a GPS tracking system so you can avoid them:

1. Using outdated GPS tracking software

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The software on your tracking app is just as important as the hardware that the device runs on. Timely software updates incorporate crucial bug fixes which make your experience as a user much more seamless.

Pro tips:

  • Keep checking your tracking app for software updates
  • Alternatively, you can even turn on auto-updates if data consumption is not a deterrent
  • Keep reading up on security fixes that are doled out from time-to-time
  • Get rid of old devices that do not support the latest software

It is the best policy to keep yourself updated with the latest software so as to avoid any terrible surprises later.

2. Ignoring the suggested shortest route

GPS tracks information in real-time and informs the user about the shortest (and sometimes most economical) route to get from Point A to Point B.

Now, this is immensely useful not just for personal travel but also for your business, if it involves any kind of transport.

Unsurprisingly, it is common for people to ignore the route suggested by the tracking system in favor of what they feel is right – only to find themselves in trouble later.

This is not to say that GPS trackers are always 100% reliable, but it is good to pay heed to what it has to say in order to optimize transport.

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Pro tips:

  • Keep looking for information on your app so as to ensure you always take the best route
  • Weigh your options – do you want the trip to be more economical or just want to get there faster?
  • Do not forget that if you are a business owner, you must check if your employees are following the instructions suggested by the tracker or not.

3. Inadequate training is given to the end-user

Many a time, you find companies working together with tech firms to develop customized GPS tracking systems only to find that the end-user has not been trained on how to use it!

What a waste that would be. It is ultimately important that the end-user is well-acquainted with using the tracking system, so that s/he gets the most out of it.

Pro tips:

  • Train your employees on using every piece of technology that is involved – be it an app, car tracking device, and so on
  • Do not rely on simply ‘learning on the job.’
  • Equip your employees with the right tools needed to learn

4. Not installing the hardware right.

The hardware is what ultimately determines how accurate your tracking system will be. This means that the importance of robust hardware cannot be stressed enough.

Faulty hardware puts you at risk of incorrect location information, which can prove disastrous to your business. Certainly not a place you would want to find yourself in.

Pro tips:

  • Ensure that the hardware is tested well before it is installed for commercial use
  • Go for trusted and reputed brands only

5. Not maintaining the system.

GPS tracking system is just another piece of technology. And just like any other technology, it too requires maintenance.

It is absolutely imperative that you maintain your devices (check for wear and tear, damage, etc.), maintain the software with timely updates, and do the work when something is needed to be done.

Pro tips:

  • Set up a strict maintenance schedule and follow it always
  • Do not assume that everything’s working fine just because it seems so – one must not wait for disaster to strike
  • Avoid falling into the trap of procrastinating your maintenance

6. Trusting the system blindly.

Blind faith in anyone or anything is a surefire recipe for disaster. This is not to say that the GPS tracking system is unreliable in general or that you should not trust it.

GPS is great – but with technology, there is a lot of complexity behind the scenes that have to work just about right to make it work. Sometimes, it is human error that is the problem

Point is, you must always be on your guard. Arm yourself with knowledge.

Pro tips:

  • Know what to do if things go wrong
  • Know who to contact in case of any emergency

In conclusion

As we discussed at the start, any technology brings with itself endless opportunities and new challenges. This is why you should refrain from half baked knowledge, just learning a GPS definition or reading up on telematics isn’t enough, go further, take risks; allow yourself and your employees to explore technology.

This should never deter you from implementing changes and adapting to a new way of life.

Here is a quote by the legendary entrepreneur, Bill Gates –

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important. 

It all boils down to how you make use of the technology that you have at your disposal.

Whether you use it to your benefit or squander it.

The choice is yours.

So go forth, and may success be yours!

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