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According to many players, the roulette table is “the place to be” when it comes to high chances of winning. In fact, this is true because when playing online roulette, you will always choose different types of gaming tables and several types of bets. Although there is always a factor of luck when playing at a gaming table, there are of course many advantages to be gained. For example, by playing with a roulette strategy, you will be able to go very far.

All the different online roulette types you can play will be suitable for playing roulette with a strategy. The fact that these are also available online is of course very favorable because, in this way, you can always participate 24/7 at a gaming table that you like yourself. To familiarize you with the available possibilities, we have briefly listed the different types of online roulette available below. Please take this information well and take advantage of it immediately.

American Roulette

One of the many countries in the world that you can see as progressive is of course America. The Americans not only want to be the best at everything but also develop their own variant of all kinds of games and other aspects in daily life. Among the different types of roulette that you can play online, it will always be possible to participate in an American roulette gaming table.

The fact that this console is unique is mainly based on 2 different elements. When playing American roulette, you will don’t have 37 numbers to bet on, but can be won on 38 numbers. In addition, the cylinder is arranged differently, whereby we of course talk about the order of the numbers displayed. Therefore, all consecutive numbers are displayed perpendicular to each other in the online roulette cylinder, starting with 0 and 00.

European roulette

Have you never played online roulette before, but do you already know the game from a land-based casino, for example? Most likely, you have already played at a European roulette game table. Among the different types of online roulette, you can see this variant as the most played. Why? The European roulette gaming tables are very accessible due to the playing field’s layout and the English names that are used. If you choose this online roulette type, you should know that you can not only play it against the software but that there are always possibilities to play live.

This means that you will be able to go to a gaming table with a real dealer via an interface, just as you could gamble with chips at a physical casino branch. The only difference, of course, is that in this case, you can play from home and do not necessarily have to sit in your proper clothes. After all, as a gambler, you are not in the picture for the dealers.

French roulette

Whether it is true or not? In any case, the French still claim to be the one who invented online roulette to this day. The history is not really clear about this, but French roulette also appears to be a great success online among the many online casino players. As with the European variant, you will always be able to bet on 37 numbers when playing this type. What is special is that both French roulette and the European roulette variant are actually the same in terms of the game rules. The only difference can be found in the names that are of course displayed in French and the playing field, which will usually be blue in color. The options to place a bet, the payouts and the chances you have to win money are always the same in French roulette.

Multiwheel roulette

That you always have many chances to make a profit when playing the different types of online roulette has, in many cases, already become clear. Yet there are types of roulette on the internet that can count the chances of winning a cash prize to an even higher level. One of the types of gaming tables you will be able to play on for that is multi-wheel roulette. A special feature of this variant is that you can spread the odds even better because there are several cylinders that indicate which number has become the winning one. The amount you place the bet when you start playing multiwheel roulette will determine how many cylinders will be active in determining the outcome.

Suppose you have chosen a basic bet of 1 euro, and you want to be able to play with 8 cylinders. In that case, your bet will be multiplied by the number of wheels that are activated. In the case of this example, you will always play multiwheel roulette with an amount of 8 euros per game round. Besides the fact that the bets and odds are different, you can of course expect the same basic rules when it comes to the different types of bets that can be placed and the payouts that can be generated.

Multiplayer roulette

In order to get the optimal player feeling when playing in online casinos like 888 casino for example, a gaming table like multiplayer roulette will certainly suit you well. If you choose multiplayer roulette, you play live roulette with a real dealer with several people at a gaming table at the same time. Thanks to the possibility of playing this type of roulette online, you can actively watch a game how players bet and possibly win. In addition, you can have conversations with each other by means of the chat and thus exchange any thoughts about a certain way of playing.

In this way, you will be able to learn even more about roulette and perhaps master a different way of playing if someone wants to explain a roulette strategy to you. Multiplayer roulette is usually played in the European variant, but there are also online casinos that offer French roulette multiplayer gaming tables. The offer will therefore depend on the casino you may be playing at.

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