5 Ways to Celebrate Your New Home Safely During the Pandemic

5 Ways to Celebrate Your New Home Safely During the Pandemic


Buying a new home is no joke. It’s a months-long (if not years-long!) process of selling your home, touring homes, making offers, securing your financing, and of course, moving! If you’re just now moving into your new home, you may have begun the process before the pandemic even started.

If that’s the case, things probably haven’t panned out exactly how you imagined they would. You’re definitely not alone. While every new homeowner deserves to celebrate this pivot in their life journey, we simply can’t have traditional housewarming parties like we used to.

But as we’ve learned this past year, breaking a tradition creates the opportunity to create and celebrate new traditions. We’ve all become pros at accommodating challenges and going with the flow. So celebrate your new home – the safe, responsible way – with a socially-distanced housewarming party!

Ideas For A Virtual Housewarming Party

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Between concerts, stand-up comedy, board meetings, and our kids’ classes, video chat apps have become a social life lifesaver during this pandemic. Thanks to this awesome technology, not only are we all connected face-to-face, but we can also still experience some of the great joys in life, like live music.

Virtual parties have become a popular way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. It’s easy to see why – we can still connect with our loved ones in real-time and share these special times, but in a completely risk-free setting!

Of course, this idea isn’t quite as fun if you’re all left staring at each other with nothing to do. Crank up the excitement and the laughs by using some of these fun virtual housewarming party games and party theme ideas!

1. New Home Trivia

First thing’s first – you’re going to want to show off your new home. Your friends and family are probably just as excited to see your new home as you are to invite them inside!

Bump up the participation by sending your guests a fun new home trivia game! Give them a thorough up-and-down of your new pad and quiz them to see how much they remember. Make sure to use a light-weight laptop or your phone so you won’t have to worry about tripping on cords while you guide everyone through each room.

There are a few prewritten trivia questions on the example below, but feel free to invent your own based on your personal decor. Whoever answers the most trivia questions correctly gets an exclusive invite for wine and cheese at your place (as soon as it’s safe, of course!).

2. Famous Pop Culture Houses

For another fun game the whole family can appreciate over Zoom, try pop culture home trivia! Some of the most familiar homes we can think of come from movies and beloved television shows – think of the Brady Bunch!

Create a slideshow of famous houses in pop culture (or you can use a quiz from the internet) If you’ve got kids playing along, be sure to include some they’ll recognize from their favorite cartoons and movies.

To up the ante, offer a grand prize for the most correct answers, for example a DVD box set of the Brady Bunch, or a copy of Home Alone. This game is sure to bring laughs to every party-goer’s computer screen.

3. Dinner Party (Without the Clean-Up!)

If you’re a 5-star chef at home, there’s no doubt that you’re dying to test out your brand new kitchen and prepare something delicious for your friends and family.

While holding a huge dinner party would surely be a great way to break in your new stove and show off your home, that’s not an option for most of us right now. So why not do it virtually?

If your budget allows, pick out a nice champagne and send a bottle to all of your guests prior to the big party (you can even print out a fancy label for the bottles like the one below). Put on your best black-tie-affair-worthy outfit and cook your favorite meal over Zoom with your guests, and encourage them to do the same!

Chat and laugh while you share recipes and light candles for a fancy atmosphere. When you’re done cooking, sit at your dining table and chat over dinner with all of your loved ones as they enjoy their meals. Go around the “table” and have your guests talk about the meal they’ve prepared. They’ll get to see your shiny new kitchen and you’ll all bond together over a great meal.

4. Have A PJ Party the Whole Family Will Love

Pajama parties aren’t just for kids – especially since many of us secretly attend work meetings on Zoom in our slippers! We’re all spending a lot more time at home, and that means sometimes our pajamas ARE our work clothes.

For a virtual housewarming party the kids will really love, have a Zoom PJ party! Encourage all of your guests to wear their craziest pajamas (bonus points for onesies!) and slippers. Pick out a great movie and watch it together. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

5. A Toast to Your New Home

If champagne isn’t your go-to drink for celebrations, why not get creative and design a unique cocktail to honor your new home?

If you’re really drink-savvy, create a craft cocktail and name it after your new home. If your home is a special color, like blue or red, you could even add syrups and food coloring to make it match!

Send out your special recipe to all of your party attendees, and make sure to give them plenty of time to gather ingredients. Once you’re ready, gather on a Zoom call and make the new drink together!

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Check out your party-goers’ bartending skills and see how they like your creation. Once you’re done in the kitchen or at the drink cart, carry your computer or phone around your home to give a tour of your new drink’s namesake!

Celebrate Safely

Moving into a new home is a huge life event. Your new home will hold memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Get started on the right foot by keeping safe and celebrating your new home in style. For more virtual housewarming ideas from Hippo, check out their housewarming tips here!

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