What is Poggers? Poggers Meme, Meaning of Poggers in the chat

What is Poggers? Poggers Meme, Meaning of Poggers in the chat


What is Poggers? Poggers Meme, Meaning of Poggers in the chat.

In this article, we explain the meaning of the term “poggers”. This word has been used more frequently on social media, chats, and people have started asking questions – What is Poggers? What is poggers twitch meaning?

If you are among those who wish to know the meaning of Poggers in the chat, then you are in the right place. Here, we will explain the meaning of the word, its origin and the reasons why they are used so frequently.

What is Poggers?

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If you are a regular user of a video game streaming websites, you will definitely come acros this poggers meme.  Well, Poggers is a Meme originating from most video streaming websites. The word “Poggers’ was first used in the game fortnite. This is the reason why some gamers are curious, asking, what does poggers mean in fortnite? This word is also commonly used in the league of legend.

Poggers can also be found in any twitch chat room for any game.

Poggers is a term used by Twitch live streams. The popular emote PogChamp is used when something excited or cool happens. Poggers is mostly used by Overwatch streamers.

Twitch (stylized as twitch) is a live streaming video platform owned byTwitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. … Content on the site can be viewed either live or via video on demand. The popularity of Twitch eclipsed that of its general-interest counterpart.

There are the 9 Overwatch streamers you need to watch

  • 1) xQc. When you think of Overwatch streamers, xQc is at the top of most people’s lists. …
  • 2) Aimbotcalvin. Calvin is a Team SoloMid streamer famous for having multiple Top 500 accounts on the Overwatch competitive ladder. …
  • 3) Mendokusaii. …
  • 4) Gale Adelade. …
  • 5) Harbleu. …
  • 6) Custa. …
  • 7) emongg. …
  • 9) Kabaji.

Derived from the racist cartoon figure “Pepe the frog” which is closely associated in pop culture with racist groups, specifically anti-black propaganda.

It remained among the most popular emojis on twitch, which is the smirking face of Pepe the frog.

There are many variations and offshoots of this meme such as “pepesmile” “pepehands” “pog” ect.

There has been a lot of debate about removing this, or making some sort of ban related to it, but as of yet this hasn’t taken place, twitch allows users to make their own emotes and icons, and this continues to be among the most used.

Although it is a direct use of a piece of racist propaganda/racist meme, it is t used with that as the intention, or intended meaning. In my opinion I doubt most people (twitches user base includes a huge number of “kids” (ages 5–17)) know that this is racist.

The meme “poggers” when used in a sentence, or more commonly, used in twitch chat by a viewer, means “nice” “cool” “good work” among others.

If someone is preforming well. A viewer might say “poggers” to indicate that the broadcaster did something flashy or unique.

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