10 Sustainable & Green Commuting Ideas

10 Sustainable & Green Commuting Ideas


You travel every day from home to work and back again in your carbon-emission vehicle, and suddenly, one day, you realize how much of a carbon footprint you’re leaving behind. Is this the environment you’d want to have for your children? Surely not!

Therefore, the responsibility starts with you! If you want to contribute, going green and using sustainable ways to commute can be the best way to save the planet, even if it is just a drop in the vast ocean! Here are ten ideas you can use to commute to and from in an eco-friendly way.

1.  Walk/Jog

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If your office is nearby, start walking to work! This way, even if you can’t wake up early to exercise, walking or jogging will give you a good workout. You can pack an extra set of clothes to change out of your sweaty ones in the office.

However, walking to the office, miles away, is a whole other story. In that case, consider the following points below.

2.  Purchase a Bike

Invest in a good bicycle to take you where you need to go. One key advantage when riding a bike is that you don’t have to stay stuck in traffic for long hours. You must still follow traffic rules, such as not running a red light.

If pedaling becomes difficult, you can invest in electric bikes or e-bikes. These are propelled with pedals, but you don’t have to use them as much as you would in regular bicycles. With an electric bike, such as a mountain bike, you can travel faster (around 20 – 30 miles per hour), ride on rough surfaces, and get a good workout without worrying about carbon emissions.

3.  Use Ride-sharing Services

There are several ride-sharing services available that are accessible via apps on your phone. This way, there’ll be only one car to drop off 4 to 5 people at their workplace instead of one person hogging an entire vehicle. It’s simple math: less number of cars means less carbon footprint! You’ll also get to network and grow your connections with new people.

If ride-sharing with strangers isn’t your thing, consider carpooling with your friends and/or colleagues. Discuss and plan the line of travel, pickup, and dropoff points, so there aren’t any hassles during the commute.

You can also do carpooling in your children’s case too. This way, you reduce your carbon footprints, but you can also budgetize your kids’ school expenses.

4.  Invest in an Eco-friendly Vehicle

Yes, eco-friendly vehicles that produce less harmful chemicals to the environment are available. These green vehicles are powered by alternative fuels and include battery-powered, hybrid electric, and compressed-air vehicles, to name a few.

These eco-friendly cars reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions hence contributing to saving the planet. However, regular maintenance needs to be done in the case of all vehicles: eco-friendly or otherwise.

Maintenance of cars includes cleaning air filters regularly, checking if tires are properly inflated, regular oil changes etc.

5.  Use Public Transport

Vehicles stuck in traffic give off huge amounts of CO2 emissions every day. The best way to a sustainable commute to work is to start using public transport. Taking a bus or a train can reduce cars on the road, which will cause less traffic jams and eventually reduce carbon emissions.

6.  Work Remotely

During the pandemic in 2020, greenhouse gases and carbon emissions dropped a whopping five percent when everyone started to work from home. It rose again in 2021 after the lockdown was lifted. So, if you still can work remotely, do it! You’ll be able to enjoy two benefits: working in the comfort of your home and reducing your carbon footprint.

Additionally, since you’ll be home most of the day, you can invest in green and sustainable home appliances. That way, you won’t have guilt trips regarding polluting the environment.

7.  Finish Errands in a Day

Plan your day, so you finish all your errands in one day rather than keeping one chore for the next. For instance, paying bills, going to the bank, doing laundry, and going to the grocery store can all be done in a day. For more convenience, it is best to frequent stores near your home so you can comfortably walk or ride a bike to finish your errands.

8.  Go Early

Leave for work a little earlier to avoid rush hours. The same goes for coming back home. Leaving earlier can help get you to work on time and also enjoy more time with your family. A perfect work-life balance: achieved!

9.  Reduce Gas Consumption

Idle cars sitting in traffic emit approximately 30 million tons of CO2 emissions. Therefore, when you’re in traffic, turn off the engine until the traffic starts moving again. Turn off air conditioners, do not accelerate and decelerate rapidly, and make sure you follow speed limits.

10.           Work 4-days a Week

If possible, work four days a week instead of 5. You can work remotely on the fifth day. If this work schedule is adopted across the globe, we won’t be far from making our planet green again.

The Bottom Line

You begin by reducing your carbon footprint once you realize the dangerous repercussions it can have on your planet and for future generations. The next step becomes easy where you start adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, beginning with commuting sustainably.

Walk, jog or run to work as it is good for the environment and your mind and body. It also helps to find a job near your home or vice versa. In order to save the planet, a little drop in the vast ocean is all you need to do to contribute. Inspire others to do the same and leave a cleaner planet for future generations to live in.

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