10 Tips to fatten up your girlfriend | How to fatten up your girlfriend naturally

10 Tips to fatten up your girlfriend | How to fatten up your girlfriend naturally

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How to fatten up your girlfriend – Why many people want to lose weight, your girlfriend might be too slim for your liking. In this article, I will share with you the easiest the healthiest ways to fatten up your girlfriend naturally.

10 Tips to fatten up your girlfriend

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1. Limit her mobility

Researches have confirmed that a sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain. So if you want to fatten up your girlfriend naturally, then encourage her to sit in one place. Do NOT let her exercise. Instead, you can recommend some jobs that will keep her in one location for a long time. Make sure you do all the heavy lifting and grocery shopping so she can stay on the couch and rest.

2. Give her Butter and Olive Oil

Encourage her to use butter as far as she can. She can use it along with bread or doughnut. Olive oil can also perform the magic in fattening up your girlfriend. Simply, remember to use the appropriate fats for the cuisine. Eggs, bread, pasta, fruit smoothies… anywhere you can.

3. Give her Bacon

This is the final solution. Give her 1–2 lbs of bacon everyday and she will fatten up faster than you may think. Bacon is prepared from several different cuts of meat, typically from the pork belly or from back cuts.  Couples that eat bacon together stay together!

4. Give her pizza and ice cream for breakfast

She will love this… Pizza is tasty but high in fat, refined carbs, and calories. The same goes to ice cream. These foods will definitely give her excess calories to make her fat.

5. Give her Fast food for lunch

Most of the fast food contains a large amount of sugar, fats, and carborhydrate. This means that she will be taking in a large amount of calories in the shape of fast food which leads to weight gain.

6. Give her large plate of spaghetti right before she goes to sleep

Even though a study has found that pasta didn’t contribute to weight gain or increase in body fat, big a large plate right before she goes to sleep will certainly pattern her up. While she is sleeping, her rate of metabolism is slow and she will certainly not be able to burn out more calories as compared to the day time.

7. Give her fried foods

Yes, fast food every day is gross. Several studies link eating friend food to weight gain. Like French fries, potato chips are very high in fat, refined carbs, and salt. These are foods most likely to cause weight gain.

8. Let her eat throughout the day

Just give her food all the time and allow her to sleep often, and watch the magic within 2 to 3 months. Even just eating healthy foods but not dieting and not working out, just eating will fatten her up for you.

9. Marry her

Marry her, she will naturally start gaining weight. This is a fact, many types of hormonal and mental changes occur in a woman after a marriage that causes her to fatten up rapidly.

10. Get her pregnant

Do you really want to fatten up your girlfriend? If yes, then get her pregnant, she can never remain the same again.

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