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5 Ways Protein Powders Can Help in Building Lean Body Mass

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A lean body is every person’s dream. Nobody wants to have body fat but muscle mass is every individual’s fantasy. Whenever we hear the word of ‘’muscle mass’’ usually our mind goes towards proteins and weight lifting. This is because we have always been told that protein is a very important factor in muscle build-up.

Protein powders, very well-known by people who hit the gym often or into body-building, are a very vital supplement holding great nutritional value. The significance of proteins aren’t hidden from anyone. They are also known to be very important of when it comes to weight loss because they make one feel fuller and also help cut the body fat. Proteins also make up the bones and skin along with muscles and mostly hormones and enzymes are also made out of proteins.

Protein powders are no doubt, given extreme importance in the body-building world. But before we dive into the significance of protein powders and how they help, let’s first understand if one can build muscle up without the use of protein powders.

Can one build muscle mass without use of protein powders?

The answer to this is, ‘’yes’’. Which might be surprising to some.
Protein is basically responsible to repair any damaged muscle in the body which might have suffered due to the exercise routine that you follow such as weight lifting and so much more. Protein plays a role in repairing the damaged muscle and building it up.
If you are taking a diet rich in protein, then you might see differences even without protein powders and supplements. But one drawback is that the time you might take to hit your goal can extend and you might have to work hard for years to achieve the kind of body that you need. Which is why people head towards protein powders to help them gain muscle mass fast. However, the simple answer to this is YES, you can achieve the body you want without protein powders but through a lot of patience and time. Simply, because even if you try your best to eat a diet rich and saturated with protein, it would still be less than the amount your body needs for muscle build-up.

What is the significance of protein powders?

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Proteins powders simply shorten the time in which you can achieve your desired body and hit your goal. This is because the extra protein that they provide you with is the reason why the body works more efficiently in building up the muscle. Moreover, without the consumption of protein powders, your protein content wouldn’t simply be enough because foods do not provide you with the right amount that your body needs.

You can also check lean body mass using lbm calculator online.
Let’s see how protein powders can help you in building lean body mass.

1. It repairs the damaged muscle

It has already been mentioned above, after workout, the muscles due to extreme physical activity, get damaged. Muscle soreness is the result which is experienced. Recovery after the physical activity is provided through the protein powder. So, muscle growth isn’t the only thing that the protein powders do.

2. Enhances the growth of muscles

Weight lifting coupled with protein powders is a heaven for athletes. Studies and researches carried out in the year 2018 proved that the muscle size in athletes showed an increase after they consumed the protein powder after strength training providing positive results in favor of protein powders.

One thing that must be considered here is that protein powders might vary in effectiveness depending upon a number of factors such as age. So you cannot expect the same results to be shown in every person.

3. Extra nutrition is provided

If your body and your diet, isn’t enough to fulfill your desired and daily protein intake, then supplements are the easiest and the most effective solution. Athletes are especially advised to exceed the average protein requirement of their body that might be advised to them in accordance to their age. To make it simple, they are advised to take twice as much amount of protein as a normal person of their age would. This is to enhance muscle growth and keeping their level of activity (through strength training) in view, help provide recoveries after workouts.

4. Helping in maintaining and losing weight

As it has already been mentioned above, protein rich foods and protein powders make one feel fuller and they end up eating less. Moreover, the portion sizes are also reduced by a great amount.
Studies carried out in 2017 were in favor of the fact that protein powders actually help in weight reduction side by side with muscle growth.

Moreover, it also provides a number of other health benefits. These include, a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure normalization and so much more.

5. Reduction in inflammation

Short term inflammation might change to a chronic one. Inflammation is basically the body’s way to react to certain damages done to the body especially during extreme physical exertion when muscles get damaged, inflammation occurs. Protein and protein powders help fight against the inflammatory agents and lowers it greatly.


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Although, protein powders come with a lot of benefits, the dark side to it is the overdose and using the wrong kind of protein powder.

-There are certain amounts advised to the individuals to consume. When one exceeds those amounts, adverse effects and impacts are the result.

– Whey protein, casein protein and soy proteins are among the best ones and the safest ones that can be consumed by an individual.

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