5 Top Tips for Getting Started with Fitness

5 Top Tips for Getting Started with Fitness

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So, you have made the decision to get started with taking your fitness seriously. But where do you begin, and what are the common pitfalls that you should be on the lookout for? While starting your fitness journey can be exciting, it can also be a challenging time. So, to ensure that you give yourself the greatest chance of success, here are our five top tips for getting started with fitness.

1. Invest Money

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It is entirely possible to spend very little on your fitness and still find success within it. But to ensure you get the best outcomes, it is worth considering investment to unlock more avenues to explore. For example, if your goal is to build muscle, then protein shakes are a must have, but these can be expensive if purchasing frequently. If you do plan to pursue this option, it’s always a good idea to find ways to reduce your monthly expenses to free up the money you will need. For example, if you have student loans, you could consolidate these loans into a new loan with a private lender and reduce the monthly amount you will be paying. You can use a student loan consolidation calculator to calculate these savings and know what you’ll be paying before taking the plunge.

2. Understand Your Motivation

Why are you pursuing fitness? What was it that pushed you to finally get started? Maybe you wanted to join a sports team? Understanding what it was that brought you to this decision can be a powerful tool in allowing you push back the walls and obstacles that may present themselves along your journey. There will be days when exercising will be difficult and the last thing on your priority list. Knowing your motivation and keeping it front and center in your mind on these days, will be instrumental in ensuring that you do not give up and push past these mental blocks.

3. Buddy Up

If you know someone else who is also getting ready to start their fitness journey, then why not consider teaming up with him or her to tackle your goals together? Having someone by your side who is going through the exact same thing as you can be a brilliant tool in keeping you motivated, as it shows you that you are not alone in your struggles and difficulties when they arise. Also, it offers a sense of accountability, as having someone else aside from yourself who is counting on you during your workout sessions will make it harder to forgo a session when you are feeling unmotivated.

4. Understand Your Own Body

If you haven’t taken the time to learn about the world of fitness, then you may not be aware that the genetic makeup of your own body can be a significant influence in the successes and failures during your workouts. For example, you may be more prone to gaining muscle than others around you, or you may find it more difficult to lose a layer of fat on a specific part of your body. These can all be attributed to your body type, which is why it is beneficial to understand these factors before getting started. If you find yourself unable to wrap your head around these aspects, then consider employing the expertise of a personal trainer or nutrition expert to walk you through it and help you understand.

5. Specify Your Goals

Last, but certainly not least, you should ensure that you have specified your goals before you start your first workout. It is not enough to know that you want to lose weight, as there is no measurable outcome within this. How much weight do you want to lose? What percentage of body fat are you aiming for? Are you also looking at gaining muscle? And, just as importantly, when do you want to achieve these goals by? Setting a time frame also keeps you on track, reducing the likelihood of missing sessions due to an increased sense of motivation thanks to the deadlines on the horizon.

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