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How To Play Bless Online 2021

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Are you in for the bless online gameplay? Let us teach you How To Play Bless Online with step by step guides.

Bless Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game released in 2018. It is an epic fantasy role-playing game by Neowiz which gives hours on end of gameplay and creates an avenue to explore a new world through the lens of your own character.

The storyline in Bless Online is usually immersive and is centered on an ongoing war between two warring factions. It is adventurous and includes a lot of loot collection. Below is a step guide on how to play Bless Online:

1. Understand The Battle System

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To play Bless Online, it is important to understand the battle system. The color of a Non-Player Character(NPC) determines its characteristics as highlighted below:

i. NPCs whose names are displayed in red are hostile and would attack even when not attacked.

ii. NPCs whose names are displayed in grey are already in combat with another character.

iv. NPCs with names displayed in yellow are neutral and would fight back if attacked.

v. NPCs displayed in green are friendly and the player cannot fight with such.

2. Leveling Up

This helps to increase a character’s basic battle skills and this can be achieved by gathering experience points. These experience points can be gathered through the following ways:

i. Successfully crafting an item.

ii. Finishing a quest.

iii. Finishing a mission.

iv. Successfully gathering.

v. Defeating an enemy.

3. Basic Control

Character movement can be achieved through keys: Q, W, E, S or W, A, S, D. The ESC key and interface button help to throw more light on movement of the characters through the game.

4.Tab Targeting System

This system is dependent on the character chosen. Characters like Assassin, Paladin, Guardian, or Ranger have a targeting control system. The targeting system has the following characteristics:

i. Click directly on the target to choose it.

ii. The character’s direction and perspective can be changed by holding down the mouse button.

iv. Press the tab key to select a different enemy starting from the nearest.

5. Action Targeting

This is when a Berserker class character is selected. This can be played by taking the following steps:

i. Move the cursor to adjust the character’s movements and perspective.

ii. Damage can be done to the closest enemy without targeting them separately.

iii. Press the tab key to activate the lock on.

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6. Buying Potions

Potions are necessary to stay alive in the Bless Online game. The two warring factions in Bless Online (Hieron and Union) have potion merchants nearby. It is expedient to get potions to be used at levels and the purchase of potions help to free up space in the inventory.

7. Resetting The Dungeon

Resetting the dungeon is part of the steps involved in playing bless online. It is necessary to reset the bosses and mobs after clearing a dungeon. This can be done by:

i. Pressing the Esc

ii. Clicking the “reset” button in the bottom left corner.

8. Taming

In Bless Online, monster players encountered in the wild can be tamed and turned into a pet.  Taming is achieved by first targeting the monster and using taming scrolls which are made by the enchanting profession. There are three main taming scroll items as discussed below:

i. Lesser Taming Order: This tames a target that is below level 15 as a companion.

ii. Normal Taming Order: This tames a target below level 35 as a companion.

iii. Magic Taming Order: This tames a target below level 50 as a companion.

9. Activity Points

The activity points consist of 2 main points: Combat Point (CP) and Dungeon Point (DP) which serve as a content token. These points can be earned by completing specific game tasks. These content tokens can be used to buy a variety of items from shops that accept combat and dungeon points as a form of payment. Dungeon points can be obtained through the following ways:

i. Completing stage 2 and 3 of any Monster Hunt

ii. Looting of corpse.

10. Combat

Combat in Bless Online consists of the use of stance (combo) skills and non-chain skills. There are six different base stances and the skills within them are predetermined and not customizable by players. Players can equip up to two of these base stances at a given time but only one is functional at any time. To interchange stances, players can click on the inactive stance.

Combat point can be obtained through the following ways:

i. Killing bosses in Basel Gorge.

ii. Killing opposing faction players.

iii. Participating in some instanced activities such as Peninsula War and Siege of Castra.

There are eight different types of non-stance skills available per class and they can be reached through the tactics menu->Non-stance skill tab. In general, non-stance skills are non-combat related skills that provide buffs or utility to the players and tend to have a higher cooldown. Both nonstance and combo skills require the player to be a certain level before utilizing it.

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