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Tips on How to Not Sabotage Yourself at The Casino in Portugal


Casino gambling is a whole world of fun, surrounded by excitement and packed with opportunities to make some money in the process. Whether players indulge in a great evening out on a brick-and-mortar casino or pick their favourite from one of the thousands of online casinos out there, there’s always something fun waiting for them.


The same can be said about the exciting and growing Portuguese casino scene. Still, as fun as these may be, players who lack experience or control over their emotions tend to sabotage themselves when playing.


Martim Nabeiro (you can read more about the author and what he’s been up to lately right here) shares his insight about some valuable principles players should consider when playing at a casino in Portugal.


Emotional Control

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Easier said than done. Even those that have been gambling in casino games for decades know how hard it is to keep it together when the pressure rises. Not so evident on slot games, which are purely about fun and chance, some more complex games and stakes can lead the most robust mind to feel numb on the legs.


Emotional control is vital for many areas of life. If you plan to go ahead and play at some of the best games and casinos, such as those found at casino de Portugal, it’s best to start practising strategies, the art of bluffing and many more techniques to face your opponents with success. After all, gambling psychology is one of the critical factors playing with or against you at many casino games.


Money Management is Paramount

Remember how your family told you to save money? Well, that’s also true at a casino, believe it or not. Of course, the gambling industry will always rely on those who have no notion of managing money, but that’s not to say that even when losing – and especially when losing – money shouldn’t follow a recipe to steer you from disaster.

With most inexperienced players, the idea is to recover from a loss at all costs. 


However, experienced players know that you’re the hunter on some days, and some days you’re the hunt, and that’s all part of the game. So keeping a cool head and bets under control is vital, not only to ensure losses are kept to a minimum but that the reason why you’re there in the first place – having fun – is extended for as long as possible.


Technology Gives a Hand

For those that only started gambling in recent years, there is a whole world of information out there online. There is extensive literature on strategies and learning to play certain games at a whole new level and statistics, professional advice, and much, much more at the distance of your fingertips.


Even though technology has also changed how casinos look and feel, players can now draw clear lines on budget, time playing and even request for self-exclusion in a matter of seconds. Also, the gambling industry now promotes more responsible gambling principles than ever before and advertises how to obtain help should you need it.


Remember What You’re There For

It’s hard to define what makes most of us click. For some, it’s the rush of a hand of cards, and for others, nothing can beat a great night out in the city. But, assuming those that prefer the first approach, one thing should always be present – fun!


Trying to cover losses, spending extensive hours of the day gambling and straying away from responsibilities and social interaction is a real issue, with real solutions.


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With casino games, the wheel is constantly spinning, so you can embark at any time of the day, anywhere. However, it would be best if you did so only for the sole purpose of having fun.


In the end, it shouldn’t matter whether you win or lose, or at the very least, not let yourself get too upset when you lose. The appeal lies in the actual moment you’re playing and not the result, so keep that in mind the next time you walk through the door or log in to a casino in Portugal.


Ultimately, it’s all about gambling psychology principles and keeping your emotions, money and actions under control. Of course, that still leaves a vast landslide of fun to engage with, and perhaps that winning hand as you’re about to leave.


Regardless of the result, as in life, casino games are there to experience and enjoy!

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