Popularity of online casino in New Zealand

Popularity of online casino in New Zealand


The New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs have released a statement that New Zealanders spend millions (in NZ $) annually on the online casinos. The number of online casinos in New Zealand has increased rapidly, both home grown and international after the New Zealand government legalized online gambling. Some reasons for the popularity of online casinos in New Zealand are:-

1. Social Gaming

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New Zealanders take immense interest in finding out about several games through social media. They find a number of slots and poker which are free of cost and gives them the opportunity to play, win and share their results with others. These act as a great introduction to the online casinos for the New Zealanders.

2. Mobile Gaming

About half of the population of New Zealand live in the small urban and rural areas but have access to high speed internet connection throughout the country with their smartphones. The smartphones have made the online casino New Zealand easy to access. The mobile gaming experience is the main reason behind so many people being attracted towards online casinos. The online casinos provide exceptional audio and visual graphics which can be explored when playing with the use of smartphones.

3. Wide Range Of Games

There are a large number of online casinos available in New Zealand. Each online casino has hundreds of games to offer to its players. The players get so excited from each and every game being available at their palms with the help of smartphones. Each game has something new and better to offer which keeps up the interest of the players to explore more games. The introduction of theme games have added extra excitement for the New Zealanders who love playing theme games on their favorite sport, music or any other thing.

4. Sports Betting

New Zealanders are immense sports lovers. Their love for football and rugby is unmatchable. They have their national leagues for both the games. Majority of the online casinos have now introduced the sports betting market. This has given the New Zealanders the opportunity to use their sports knowledge and analysis to bet on their teams. They even follow the top international leagues of Europe and keep a good knowledge but English premier league, La Liga or Serie A. New Zealanders have the betting options open to them all the year round as the New Zealand sports leagues begin during the start of the year.

5. Casinos Accepting NZ $

The numbers of casinos accepting New Zealand dollars have increased which has made the placing of bets easier for the New Zealanders as now they can go on with the payments and withdrawals smoothly. Other payment methods of credit/ debit cards, mobile payments and cryptocurrencies have also been made available to the players. The use of bitcoins have also become popular in the online casinos of New Zealand. Bitcoin casinos have the advantage of using cryptocurrencies which makes the payments and withdrawals faster as they do not go through all the banking systems. For people planning to stay anonymous, crypto casinos are the best because of their privacy and security.

6. Affordability By The People

New Zealand has the 51st largest economy in the world. The people are rich enough to place occasional bets even if they keep on losing their money.

Online casinos are gaining a lot of popularity in these recent years around the globe and New Zealand is not a country which plans on staying behind when it comes to match the trends going on in the world. New Zealand has taken a good advantage of the online casinos by their active involvement in the games and bets.

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