Busting 9 Myths on Moving and Professional Movers

Busting 9 Myths on Moving and Professional Movers


Moving your items from one place to another requires a lot of planning. You need to pack well, get rid of unwanted items, and engage the best commercial movers.

But just like any other profession, there are several myths about professional movers. For instance, some people argue that movers are unprofessional, disorganized, and are likely to damage your items.

However, most of these narratives are just myths. Professional movers are skilled and trained people who understand the field of moving more than anyone else. In addition, they are experienced and better equipped to handle any kind of move.

Whether you want to move locally or it is a long-distance move, the best way to ensure your office belongings are well moved is to engage office movers. Happily, they are insured, certified, and licensed to carry out various types of moves.

However, due to the false stories about professional movers, some people decide to involve friends or relatives when moving. If you have always doubted professional movers, below are 9 myths about them and the truth. Logistics


9 Myths on moving and professional movers

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1. They mostly break fragile items

Myth: One false story about moving and professional movers is that they normally break fragile items. Some people claim that they do not know how to pack and move valuable items.

Truth: Professional movers are experienced, well-trained, and qualified to handle any kind of move. They know how to pack, load, and move items, including fragile items.

But if you are still uncertain whether they can move valuable items, the best way to confirm is going through customer reviews. Checking previous customer feedback is one of the best ways to tell whether professional movers are reliable or not.


2. Moving companies are the same

Myth: According to some people, professional moving companies are the same. Some people believe moving services and moving crews are all the same.

Truth: But the truth is that commercial moving companies are not the same. In addition, their services differ from one moving company to another. They are those that offer quality services and they are those that are different.

Moreover, some moving companies are just locals. This means they only deal with local moving services. On the other hand, they are those that offer local and international moving services.

Hence, it is important to research more about the company before hiring them. Learn more about their services, estimates, and crew.


3. Professional movers do not label all boxes

Myth: There are some claims that professional movers do not label all the moving boxes. According to some people, they only label fragile items.

Truth: But this is not true because the labeling of boxes is one of the most important things everyone should do when moving. By labeling the boxes, you can distinguish them when loading and unloading.

Moreover, you can decide to label your boxes or hire experienced movers to do the job for you. Hence, the claim that professional movers do not label boxes is untrue.


4. Moving on a weekend is better than moving on weekdays 

Myth: According to some people, moving on a weekend is better than moving on a weekday. They claim that you can pack on Friday, move on Saturday, and unpack on Sunday.

Truth: Even though moving on a weekend means you have plenty of time, you need to understand that most people love moving on weekends. That means you may not find professional movers or the charges might be high.

If you would like to move on a weekend, make sure you plan ahead before the actual day. In addition, book for parking and contact professionals ahead of time to ensure your move is well planned.


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5. Professional movers do not unpack the boxes

Myth: Another popular untrue story about professional movers is that they do not offer unpacking services.

Busting 9 Myths on Moving and Professional Movers

Truth: However, the truth of the matter is that professional movers offer various services such as packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, moving, and many others.

Therefore, if you allow them to pack and unpack, they will carry out the tasks accordingly. They are well trained, qualified, and skilled to handle all moving tasks including unpacking the boxes.


6. When moving you can use any packing box or tape

Myth: According to some people, you can use any type of box or tape to pack your office or household items.

Truth: But this is untrue because moving is not a simple process. You need to ensure you have the right packing boxes and tapes when packing your belongings.

You cannot use any tape or box when moving. Look for quality packing boxes and tapes to ensure your items are well packed and protected when relocating.

Good packing tapes are well designed to ensure the boxes are properly sealed. They hold the boxes well and do not break.


7. Moving companies do not provide cleaning services

Myth: another common myth about moving companies is that they do not provide move-out or move-in cleaning services.

Truth: The state is untrue because many professional moving companies provide move-out and move-in cleaning services.

However, other movers do not offer the services. Therefore, when hiring professional movers, it is a good idea to ask whether they provide move-in and move-out cleaning services.


8. Professional movers will break your valuable items

Myth: Some people claim that professional movers are careless and they will always break valuable items when moving.

Truth: But the truth of the matter is that professional movers are cautious people who work professionally. They know how to pack, move, and unpack fragile items.

However, accidents can happen and your valuable items might be broken or misplaced. But this is a rare case when you involve professional movers.


9. Movers are always disorganized

Myth: Some people claim that professional movers are disorganized and they cannot handle the moving process professionally.

Truth: But the true story is that professional movers are organized, reliable, and professional. Since they are trained and experienced people, you can be assured that the entire moving process will be outstanding.



There are many myths about moving and professional movers. However, most of these stories are untrue and do not reflect the true image of professional movers.

If you are planning to move your belongings, hiring professional movers is a great idea. Movers such as NYC movers are well-trained, qualified, and equipped to handle any kind of moving.

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