1xbet betting company has doing some co-op work with eSports leagues

1xbet betting company has doing some co-op work with eSports leagues

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Unless you’ve definitely been living under a rock, then you know for sure that there’s another kind of sports being played around the world — one you could compete in, in fact — and that’s eSports, a special brand of sports tailored for those who play on videogames and computers. We know what you’re thinking — “but that’s not even real sports!” — and we would rather prove you otherwise. Why would the 1xbet betting company have such tight relationships with eSports if that weren’t the case?

The thing is, eSports are actually bringing a lot of young talent and the games are pretty competitive. There’s a lot of different games people can be competitive in, and you’ve probably heard about a few of them:

  • Counter-Strike, a tactical intervention squad simulator, that’s highly popular and basically sparked the whole movement;
  • FIFA, which is the official simulator for Football, and has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years;
  • League of Legends, a frenetic 5×5 giant terrain where players fight with each other using unique in-game characters.

These are just a few examples, but you can find eSports niche events pretty much everyone, and it would be silly not to take advantage of such a promising environment to also have some fun yourself.

The results are often unpredictable, and everything is so new at this point that there’s really no tradition set in stone to be followed. Due to that, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding this new wave of sports and hopefully you’ll be excited about joining that too at 1xbet betting company!

You can watch live matches today on 1xbet on eSports!

Frankly, every mid-sized club in the top-flight European leagues has already sought eSports teams for practically every game possible. It’s a great opportunity to engage in new viewership markets and they’d be very silly to pass on this opportunity. With the possibility to watch live matches today on 1xbet, why wouldn’t they want to join in on the fun?

At this point, there are lots of new teams scattered throughout Europe and the rest of the World, and they’re all very excited about making headlines in the sports.

Did you know, for example, that Thibaut Courtois himself is very keen on these games? And also, Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, of Formula 1 fame and glory, would never skip on their simulator hours, which is basically what eSports is all about? Don’t be a grumpy old fella and check what this is all about — watch live matches today on 1xbet!

Of course, you can always head to the https://1xbet.com/en/live/baseball section…

But that would be sort of like giving up on this whole thing, wouldn’t it? eSports is new and came to stay, and it shall find its place alongside older, more traditional sports like Baseball, which you can also check at 1xBet over at https://1xbet.com/en/live/baseball.

But the truth is there’s not really much young blood on baseball, is there? And are you okay with that?…

Try to get the best of your attitude and definitely check some of these new eSports out. 1xBet has a very good, accommodating section on eSports on their website, which you should find along with https://1xbet.com/en/live/baseball. And we were just being mean, of course — you can enjoy whatever you prefer. As long as you keep having fun, of course!

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