47 Most-Used Terms in skateboarding that beginners need to know and their meaning

47 Most-Used Terms in skateboarding that beginners need to know and their meaning

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Are you a new person in the field of skateboarding? You do not have an expert who will guide you to skateboarding? Let us help you. First, make sure the following terms are clear before starting the practice.

Today’s lesson will help you understand some terms that used popularly in skateboarding, as well as appear quite a lot in articles about skateboarding. Hopefully, the sharing below will help beginner skateboards know how to study and practice this subject. If what we say is too difficult to understand, please comment below, we will explain more detail and more clearly. 

47 Most-Used Terms in skateboarding and their Meaning

Table of Contents

1. Land/Bail

People often say this word when you successfully implement certain techniques. People can use Land or Bail to express your feelings and the differences when you successfully implement a technique.

2. Tricks

This word is used by default in skateboarding. Tricks mean technique. If someone says this word to you, understand like it.

3. Pop

Pop means you are doing a certain Tricks that the tail of the board hits the ground and makes a sound.

Beginners need to thoroughly know these techniques

4. Sketchy

People often use this word when you perform a certain technique that is successful but is really uncertain or you make a bit of a fluster.

5. Clean

In contrast to Sketchy, clean means you have done a certain technique successfully.

6. Talk Shit

People will say you talk shit if you’re lazy, don’t practice, and sit around talking to your friends.

7. Crack

Crack means your skateboard has trouble, it may have broken.

8. Crash

While Crack only implies the broken ability of the skateboard, Crash means your skateboard is actually broken.

9. Steezy

Steezy means you have successfully implemented a certain technique in a simple and gentle way.

You can become a professional player after a few years of practice

10. Primo

Primo means you have successfully implemented a technique on the wall.

11. Air

Air will sound when you have a jump from the skateboard.

12. Axle Stall

Axle means that the player stands at the same time in both axes on the wall of the skateboard, then slides down again.

13. Backside

Backside means that the person spins around that the back turns in the direction of movement. This concept is quite similar to Fronsize.

14. Slam

Slam means you have fallen – A real fall.

15. Blindside

Blindside is called the stage when the player flies in the air – When the player cannot realize where he is.

However, please understand everything before starting the training process

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16. Bluntside

Bluntside means players are skateboarding on the surface of an obstacle.

17. Boardslide

Boardslide is a technique that players can slide through an obstacle between two sides of the skateboard.

18. Caballerial/Half Cab

Caballerial is a skateboarding term with only 1 rotation of 360° from the back. Similarly, Half Cab is a term in skating that only moves 180° from the back. Steve Caballero is the creator of two techniques.

19. Catch

Catch is the technique that someone keeps the skateboard by foot.

20. Contest

Contest means skateboard competition. There are two most popular types of competition today: Street Contest and Vert Contest. Long time ago, the contest also included the Flatland Contest. There are country or region-wide contests such as the European Skateboarding Championships.

21. Crocked Grind

Crocked Grind has quite a similar concept to Nosegrind. Crocked Grind means the player slips forward but places the crossover board.

There are many players who do not know these terms, which is the ultimate thing!

22. Curb/Ledge

This concept describes every type of wall, the edge of a skateboard made from concrete, metal or wood. All of them suitable for Slide or Grind.

23. Desaster

Desaster is a confusing term. It refers to the type of grounding in the middle of the skateboard. This concept is only used in certain cases.

24. Downhill

Downhill can be the simplest way to bring joy to the player or can also be the name of a classic skateboard competition in which the player must slide on a bumpy road.

25. Drop – In

Drop – In refers to the downward movement to Ramp comes from Tail.

26. Fakie

Fakie means that the player is going against the normal direction.

Are these terms too much for a new skateboarder?

27. Feeble Grind

Feeble Grind is a blend of “Slide” and “Grind”. Rear axle is grind while front axle is Slide.

28. 50/50 – Fifty/Fifty

50/50 – Fifty/Fifty means the player slides with both axes on Rail.

29. 5-0 – Five-O

5-0 – Five-O is “Grind” type with the rear axle in a position like “Manual”.

30. Flatgap

Flatgap is a big slide, in which the gap is so great that the height of this side is not different from the height of the other.

31. Flatgound/ Flat

Flatgound/ Flat refers to areas with large flat acreage, very suitable for skateboarding.

You can learn each technique and practice right away to remember it longer

32. Flip

Flip indicates that the axis of the skateboard is rotated along the skateboard body. And, Flip tricks technique is the key to the success of many players.

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33. Frontside

Frontside is a technique that 1 of 2 directions of the skateboard or the player’s body is rotating when the skateboard is moving forward.

34. Funbox

Funbox is the special obstacle made for this skateboarding subject. Accordingly, there will be quite a lot of Banks as well as Ramps located opposite each other through a square block. The player must slide through the surface of this square block.

35. Gap

Gap is an empty slot that players can jump down to show off their class techniques.

36. Go/Regular

Goofy/Regular is called the basic standing position on the player’s skateboard. When the right foot is put forward, we call it “Goofy” state, similarly, when the left leg is put forward, we call it “Regular” state.

Not everyone knows these important terms

37. Grind

Grind means the axis of the skateboard is being grinded on the wall of “Ledge” or “Rail”. Depending on the position of the axis, we can set different names such as “5-0 Grind” or “Crocked Grind”.

38. Halfpipe

Halfpipe is basically ramps. However, this ramps will have 2 curved surfaces facing each other. It will have a large U shape and must have an average height of 3 to 4 meters.

39. Handrail

“Handrail” is the handrail of pedestrian stairs. This is one of many difficult challenges for street skateboarders when they have to slide down.

40. Hardflip

Hardflip is a technique that simultaneously performs a Kickflip rotation and 180° frontside rotation that the player’s body does not rotate at all.

41. Hip

Hip is a 2 Ramps phenomenon that crosses each other.

42. Kicker

Kicker refers to a small board or a Ramp that can be carried, allow the player to have a higher jump than usual.

Kicker or kicktail, just a little change, its meaning will be completely different

43. Kicktail/Tail

Kicktail/Tail is the upward curve in the back of the skateboard. It is used to control the movement of skis.

44. Kickturn

Kickturn is a technique that players move on a Ramp face.

45. Line

Line is a combination of tricks that combinate to each other when players perform.

46. Lipslide

Lipslide means that we have to rotate and bring the rear axle to the other side of Rail, in contrast to the starting side instead of using the front axle.

47. Local Spot

Local Spot is the local slip locations that players often focus on to play.

These terms have been collected for quite a long time. We hope these terms will help new players understand how to communicate during the training process better. Please share it widely for more people to know our article.

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