20 Best Part-time Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners

20 Best Part-time Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners


Even the best of us grammar nerds are susceptible to typos and spelling mistakes. Proofreading is an essential step for any writer to identify the errors and rectify them before publication. Some content companies also outsource this task to professionals.

If you are a language enthusiast with an eye for detail, then becoming a proof-reader is perfect for you. Students looking for some extra income can apply for these 20 part-time online proofreading jobs for beginners.

Before we begin to discuss these opportunities, let us first understand the role and responsibilities of a proof-reader. You can put the proofreading projects in your resume for bettering your career prospects.

So, what is proofreading?

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Finding a decent paying part-time job can make life a lot easier for students studying abroad. Most students also opt for online freelancing projects and internships to make ends meet. Plus, the fact that these job opportunities are a great addition to your CV is an extra perk.

As a proof-reader, you’ll get everything from newspaper articles to newsletters. The content- both print and online- comes from different sectors and industries. Based on the client’s requirements, you then check the readability of the article.

A part-time job or freelancing project gives you a lot of experience in the industry. Several platforms want proofreading help with their web content. This is where you step in and get the job done. The per-word rate depends on the quality of work and expertise you hold in the industry.

Students can look up for these opportunities online. Here are three main types of proofreading jobs you can apply for.

Academic proofreading

Academic proofreading is about editing and reading research papers. Here, the proof-reader tries to find out the grammatical mistakes, and typos. You also have to check the citations, references, and bibliography towards the end of the paper.

Proofreading for print media

For the print media, the proofreading work is a little bit different. Here, you have to check manuscripts, newspaper articles, press release documents etc. for mistakes. The work is more technical and less research-intensive.

Translation proofreading

Here, the proofread must also have a thorough knowledge of multiple languages. There may be errors when translating content- both online and offline. You also must check if the translated document conveys the same meaning as the original.

20 Best Part-time Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners

Finding the right proofreading job is not that difficult provided you know where to look. Here’s a list of all the popular platforms for part-time work online.

1. Click Worker

Click Worker is a platform where companies can outsource all the content editing and proofreading tasks to freelancers. Here, a large project is divided into multiple sections and then allocated to proof-readers depending on their expertise.

For beginners, this is an excellent place to learn the tricks of the trade. You have to clear a simple grammar test after signing in. A good score ensures that you get credible, higher-paying projects.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms for beginners who want some experience in proofreading and content writing. Here, you might not make a lot of money, but it’s a great place to build new contacts.

At Fiverr, the projects (aka. gigs) come from various industries and sectors. And the freelancer can decide their per word rate, depending on the demand. Note that clients usually turn to Fiverr for cheaper rates, so it’s best you keep your prices accordingly.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best places to network and gets all the job updates in your industry. Students can focus on personal brand building, expanding their contacts and getting some great deals as well. Here you can find a lot of part-time and full-time proofreading jobs for news portals, magazines, and publishing companies.

4. Get Editing Jobs

Get Editing Jobs is a platform that is pretty self-explanatory. Here, you can get some lucrative proofreading and content editing jobs for beginners. Job seekers can also decide the kind of content platforms they want to work on.

Ensure that you check jobs for editing and content copywriting services. There are not many search results for proofreading projects and positions.

5. Upwork

Upwork is not a place I usually recommend for freelancing jobs. Although, if you are looking for a serious full-time position, then this might be the perfect place for you. It is an excellent platform for beginners and amateurs with no industry experience

Also, at UpWork, there is no shortage of clients or projects. You can always find work at prestigious media houses, digital marketing firms, magazines, and publication companies.

6. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with appropriate clients. All you have to do is search for proofreading jobs, and you can find a host of options. It is an excellent space for amateurs and budding writers to work with some famous publishing houses

And the best part is, you don’t need to sort your jobs based on your location! Most of the job listings are for work from home options, you can work with international companies 24*7.

7. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is remarkably similar to Click Rate in terms of the interface and the kind of clients it caters to. Also, here the content marketing companies can outsource their work at cheaper rates. The platform is especially great for proofreading jobs.

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To get started, you need to register and create a profile. After you have successfully signed up, you can begin taking the test. In this test, you have to proofread a document and identify the errors in it. Based on your scores, you get job recommendations.

8. MediaBistro

MediaBistro is a good platform for media students who want to venture out at scriptwriters and proof-readers. Here you can even find jobs across various publishing companies, get manuscripts, newspaper articles etc. to edit.

The job portal has a lot of freelancing gigs for students who want some extra pocket cash. Also, the work is very flexible and hassle-free. You can work a couple of hours every day and earn a decent monthly income.

9. Proof Reading Services

Proofreading services is a platform that offers full and part-time job vacancies for people. It is suitable for candidates who want reasonable payments and flexible working hours. And if you get good work, you can get anything between $19-$46 on an hourly basis!

Ensure that you complete the entrance test for extra credibility. With this proofreading score, you even add on to your brand value and get more work. Complete the test to get on with the application process and get started.

10. Proofreading Pal

Proofreading Pal is the best place for college students to get some fantastic freelancing work. It is a portal especially designed for graduates and candidates from prestigious universities. The minimum qualification you need to apply is a 3.5 GPA.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who want to continue with their studies and earn a little extra cash on the side as well.

11. Onespace Freelancers

Onespace freelancers is an all-in-one online platform for all kinds of content-related jobs. Here you can get projects on content writing, editing, proofreading and even web design. Also, Onespace attracts a lot of big-shot companies and startups alike.

The proof-readers can check out the projects, pick a client and then quote a price that works for them. Candidates can even check the status of the project live on the website.

12. R3Ciprocity

R3Ciprocity is a system based on credit scores and client reviews. It is one of the few platforms that allows freelancers to build a reputation online. The more projects you take up and complete successfully, the better your credit rating.

The contributors and clients can even leave behind reviews, ratings, and credits on the proof-reader’s profile. Anyone who wants to know about your work can refer to this information. And the best part is, you can encash these credit points as well!

13. Reedsy

Reedsy is a user-friendly platform that is different from your run-of-the-mill job portal. What separates Reedsy from the rest of its advance data management framework. A sophisticated algorithm combined with machine learning ensures a more customized experience for both the client and the freelancer.

It gives you just the kickstart needed to expand your expertise in the field of proofreading. So, register, submit a sample and get started!

14. EditFast

EditFast is a platform that works as the connecting space for freelancers, proof-readers, and publishing companies. Here, the candidate has complete control over the kind of projects they take up.

Students can log in, create their profile, and upload a few samples of their work. The clients and companies can then check out the proof-reader’s profile and approach them with a project. It is a good platform for beginners who want to learn the tricks of the trade.

15. Guru

Guru has an interface pretty similar to Fiverr. Here, the candidates can work with individual clients, entrepreneurs, and experts in the content writing industry. And if you have a flair for languages, then there are openings for translators as well!

Guru provides great flexibility to its freelancers. You can take articles as per your convenience and decide the kind of projects you want to work on. The proof-readers get paid on a per-word fixed rate.

16. Polished Paper

Polished Paper is more suitable for professional proof-readers who want higher-paying jobs online. Here you can reach out to academic journals, media houses and publishing companies for projects. Note that there is an entrance test that you must clear to qualify for the job position.

Once you sign up, you get a short questionnaire of 35 questions to test your proofreading, grammar, and formatting skills. You can (and are encouraged) to refer to outside sources for some assistance.

17. Writer’s Relief

Writer’s Relief, as the name suggests, is a platform that helps budding writers publish error-free work. Here, proof-readers can apply for the on-page team. You have to submit your resume, fill out a form and complete a proofreading test to qualify for the job.

The eligibility process is rigorous, though, still it is worth the effort. Being a part of the on-page team at Writer’s Relief gives you a chance to work with industry experts.

18. Writer’s Job Shop

Writer’s Job Shop is an online source that caters to all content creators, editors, writers, and proof-readers. Here, both professionals and amateurs can find some excellent opportunities to work in the marketing sector

Companies and individual clients approach the platform for proofreading help. And as a beginner, you can choose your projects, working hours and even decide the payment rates per project.

19. Wordvice

Wordvice is a platform that welcomes content writers, proof-readers, translators, and editors alike. Here, students can find excellent proofreading job orders from universities and the govt website. It gives candidates a chance to explore the field and expand their skill set.

You can pick and choose the workload, depending on your schedule. Plus, the rates are very profitable, and it is easier to connect to credible clients and companies.

20. Domainite

What Domainite lacks in terms of lucrative rates, it more than makes up with its high-value projects. Here, an amateur proof-reader gets a chance to work with clients from all domains and industries. It is an excellent place for beginners who want to kickstart their career and gain hands-on experience.

To enrol at Domainite, all you have to do is fill out an application form and send in your CV. If selected, the organizers send the candidate some sample work to proofread and edit. Based on your performance and CV creds, you can find some good freelancing work.

Quick tips and tricks for proofreading

Here’s a quick checklist for students who are just getting started with proofreading and need some help.

  • Check the structure of the content
  • Look for grammatical errors, typos, and spelling mistakes
  • Check if the flow and message of the content is consistent
  • Manually proofread the content to check the tonality
  • If it is an academic paper, ensure that the citations are correct
  • Check for missing punctuations and marks
  • Run the content through a proofreading software as well

The Bottom Line

Proofreading requires an eye for detail and a strong command over the language. Also, you need some level of experience with writing. If you have a few hours to spare after classes, apply for these online proofreading jobs.

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