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Top 5 Online Casino Games of Chance You Can Try as a Beginner


Online casinos have thousands of games punters can enjoy. These games can be classified into two major categories: games of chance or skill. Games of chance are the most popular ones among beginners. Unfortunately, some gamers don’t understand what they entail, leading to many risks like losing money.

So, what is a game of chance?. A game of chance is any game that uses a randomizing device or software to determine an outcome. You may decide what bet to place, colors and numbers to pick, or anything else, but you have no control over the outcome. The ultimate result is based on the ball, dice, or other item used.

Games of chance are many, and you can find them on reputable online casinos. As a beginner, look for the right casino app to use. You can find great recommendations on review sites.

If looking for a credible online casino app in Asia, first visit the website reviewing Asian online casino apps. Then choose one of the best casino apps reviewed there.

Try any of the following games of chance that are perfect for newbies with a credible mobile casino app.

1. Slots

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It’s among the simplest games on online casinos. With technological advancement, slot machines keep changing but are still easy and fun to play. Any beginner would enjoy them and catch up fast while playing them.

Gamers benefit from the many bonuses and enjoy the fantastic graphics and smooth navigation while gaming. What’s impressive is that there are free slots for newbies to enjoy and learn.

You need to click to start and don’t require any skill to play. After clicking, you wait to see if you achieve the proper alignment. If you do, you win, but if the alignment doesn’t match, you lose. Chance purely determines the outcome.

2. Dice

Dice games range from simple, average, and complex. For beginners, the basic types are the best option. The strategy is straightforward. You only need to decide on the outcome after rolling a pair of dice, then bet on it.

The game has no hidden traps or tricks. The dice determine the outcome. After learning the simple variant of a dice game, you can graduate to a less complex one. Free versions are available on various online casino platforms.

3. Roulette

If you are a newbie venturing into online gambling to try and win some money, roulette is the best choice. It has many variants like the dice game, starting from the simple type to the more complex ones.

The simple version ideal for beginners entails only picking either;

  • Black or red
  • Odd or even

After determining where the white ball will fall, the small white ball is free to roll after turning the wheel. Where the ball lands are unpredictable, making it a game of chance. There are no strategies to apply to this game.

If it lands where you had picked, you win. You lose if it lands somewhere else.

Playing roulette online is a piece of cake. You only have to click. Gaming roulette on the right online casino will improve your winning chances.

You can start with the free version to learn the ropes. Then progress to the more complex versions by choosing unique bets and specific numbers.

4. Baccarat

It is a classic game popular with high rollers. They play the complex versions with high limits.

But the low-limit baccarat games are suitable for beginners. The only two possible outcomes of this game are bettor and banker. Betting on the ‘banker’ is this game’s best tip.

If you choose the hand with a value close to nine, you win.

What’s impressive about baccarat is that you can never lose or win entirely on this game. You experience both outcomes on an equal basis. For example, you could win four times and lose four times within an hour.

You can also opt to play the ‘lightning baccarat’ as a starter. The rules are similar to the regular baccarat, except this version has some lighting cards. If the hand you choose contains one of them, you enjoy massive bonuses. It also determines whether you make it to play or not.

5. BlackJack

It’s another awesome easy game of chance for beginners. The procedure is straightforward, and you can win big as a newbie. If your hand nears 21, you remain in that position. If not, you will have to add more cards until it nears 21. But it would be best if you were careful not to exceed 21.

This simple online game is about guesswork. You decide if the dealer’s hand is better than yours. When you win, it’s by luck.

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Game developers have developed many games of chance for online casinos. Due to competition, the games are top-notch and more fun. Also, there are versions ideal for beginners, as explained above, and the pros.

The list of ideal games of chance for starters is many. Those explained above are only a few from the long list. You can start with the free versions to sharpen your skills. Then upgrade to the actual games where you place some money. You could win as you enjoy yourself.

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