Where to get information about longboard?

Where to get information about longboard?

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If you are a longboard lover and are seeking for the best ones, longboardbrand.com is where to go. This site provides sufficient information about longboard.

What information you can seek in longboardbrand.com?

longboardbrand.com is where to go for information about longboarding. Source: BrandMix.com

For beginners, looking for a longboard is one of the most important things to do. Because of the characteristics of the sports itself, it is not easy to choose a longboard. Go to longboardbrand.com and you will find useful information about longboard, longboarding as well as a skateboard, safety and some tricks when practising longboarding or skating.

The best longboards

Seeking a longboard has never been that easy with the help of longboardbrand.com. Based on the real experiences from users as well as the features of each longboard, the site has aggregated information so to provide you with the list of the best longboards in the world you can start with. The list includes:

  • Atom Drop Through – the best longboard overall: If you are a beginner or if you prefer fast downhill riding, this longboard will be the one for you. Its maximum stability will give you the experience of smooth carving while down hilling.
  • The Quest Super Cruiser: If you like cruising and downhill riding, this longboard suits you perfectly. The wheel size which is not too big but not too small will give you a smooth ride and avoid getting wheel bite.
  • Sector – 9 Aperture Sidewinder: This longboard is perceived as the best for one who just starts longboarding. The reason is that it provides a fast and decent riding experience. It is also durable even you go for a regular skating ride.
You can look for the best longboard meeting your demand. Source: Retrospec

Here are the top three longboards indicated by the website. The others include Atom Pintail, Yocaher Professional Speed, Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout Drop-Thru, Goldcoast Longboard with Pintail, Playshion Drop Through Longboard 39 Inches, MINORITY Downhill Maple, Volador 46 inches Maple Dancing and RIMABLE Drop – Through. Going to the web, you can have general information about the best longboards so that you can make a better choice. General review, the pros and cons of each type are also mentioned.

Why to buy a longboard?

There are many different things in your life that can make you enjoyable, so why it should be longboarding?

  • Your time spent with friends would be much more exciting with longboarding. Riding a longboard gives you excitement, adventure and fun.
  • It is not bulky to carry at all. Just do not look at its size and claim that a longboard is too bulky. In fact, when you have a longboard, you can decide whether to walk or to take a fast, exiting or gentle riding. Nevertheless, to say, it is portable and easy to carry with you.
  • Not only save time and money but it also environment-friendly. Using it on pathway or sidewalk during traffic time will save you time. Longboarding is faster than walking yet not polluting the environment like other vehicles.
  • Express yourself through the longboard deck: Many people design their longboard decks as a way of expressing their personality and style. You can totally try it.

How to choose a perfect longboard for you?

Buying a longboard is not an easy task. You just cannot go to a shop and choose the one that you think it will fit you or that you love the design. There are different factors to consider such as riding styles, shapes of the board (up to 8 shapes), length and width.  Choosing a suitable longboard will help you to have the best experience while ensuring the safety factor.

Riding a longboard for beginner

Some basics for riding a longboard for newbies are also mentioned in https://longboardbrand.com/best-longboards-for-beginners. The first thing you need to do is balancing. Getting yourself on the longboard and standing on it with two feet riding a short distance. Then, you need to confirm your front foot (including left foot forward and right foot forward. Once doing so, riding switch, riding nollie and riding fakie are three basic terms you must know. To continue, you should know how to pushing and making turns. Done, now it is time to rock the roads.

Some useful advice

Moreover, longboardbrand.com also provides information about the best longboards based on its types and users. You can visit the web to look for best longboards for beginners or for girls, choosing longboards for cruising, downhill or carving.

Safety when longboarding

You will fall several times in the first time longboarding. So safety factors are very important. Longboardbrand.com has a separate section providing information about safety in longboarding. If you are passionate on longboarding, you should spend on safety kit so to protect you from possible falls that can affect your head, hands and legs. Longboard helmet, knee and elbow pads are protective tools important for beginners.

Find useful guide on protective tools. Source: Best Longboards

So how to choose appropriate protective tools so that you can enjoy longboarding? This website provides information about the protective tools when longboarding so that you can make a better decision. For instance, you can seek the lightest longboard helmets, knee pads, slide gloves, elbow pads, wrist guards.

As there are always risks presenting when entertaining points of longboarding, preparing protective tools is a must. There are many types of helmets available on the market, making it struggled for a newbie to choose a suitable one. So what are criteria when choosing a helmet? A good helmet must protect you from possible dangers when falling or hitting the ground and should be as light as possible so that you can best enjoy longboarding. The lighter it is, the more comfortable you feel.

Longboardbrand.com provides a list of lightest helmets for you. The list includes:

  • Pro-tec classic skateboard helmet
  • Punisher pro-series helmet
  • Razor V17 youth helmet
  • Triple eight skateboard helmet
  • TSG superlight skateboard helmet

Each of the helmet listed has specifications, pros and cons indicated. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to choose a suitable helmet. Some FAQs related to this topic are also answered and mentioned. For instance, you can look for how to determine the size of a helmet or the best guide for the lightest longboarding fitting.

Before longboarding, there are many things you must know so to experience longboarding while ensuring your safety. For more information, you can seek in longboardbrand.com.

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