How to improve your memory: 3 methods of increasing brain function

How to improve your memory: 3 methods of increasing brain function

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Have memory problems that disrupt daily life or want to drastically increase brain capacity and become mentally sharp? Then, it is time to discover tips on how to improve your memory, what are the strategies of boosting mind abilities, and how modern technologies can facilitate the learning process.

Memory techniques for training your short and long term memory

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Are you looking for tips on how to improve your memory and the solution to the exceptional memory skills? Of course, a good sleep, health nutrition, and regular physical activity work best for improving the memorization process. It can be quite helpful if you experience memory lapses and forget simple things like the name of your boss or where you put the keys. But this approach will not be enough in case you want to develop photographic memory or need to keep in your long-term memory lots of information for later recall when preparing for exams, learning new languages, or trying to remember a really long speech. But there is a solution for those who want to become more mentally sharp and expand memory horizons. Special strategies that combine different mnemonic techniques, daily efforts, and strong desire will keep our brain highly active and more productive and erase the boundaries of your mind. The following advice can come in handy for people with poor memory.

Recommendation on how to improve your memory quickly and efficiently

Visualization method. The most common way to encode, store, and recall large amounts of information is visualization.  If you need to remember something really complicated, try to create in your mind a certain image and associate it with hard-to-remember content. How to apply this method successfully:

  •     try to choose vivid or even ridiculous associations as more unusual images are remembered better;
  •         always note small details that no one seemed to pay attention to;
  •         practice your imagination regularly.

It will help to facilitate the memorization process, strengthen brainpower, and even help to enhance photographic memory skills.

Mind Palace as the most efficient mnemonic device. Have you ever seen people who demonstrate spectacular memory abilities and capable of remembering the entire deck of cards in one minute or the names of 500 people sitting in one room? What is their secret? Is this a unique gift? Maybe they discovered a new formula of how to improve your short-term memory and eidetic memory? Or is it the result of daily hard work? Jonas von Essen is one of those people who can impress with the memorizing speed of a huge amount of information in just a few seconds. And it’s not an innate talent. It’s all about the right approach that involves the memory palace, also known as the Method of Loci. It is also a kind of associative method that increases your mental capacity. To create the palace, you should use several types of memory, like tactile, visual, and even emotional. And using the space in your brain, you mentally place objects, facts, definitions, and other types of learning content on an imaginary map of a well-known location. As a result, you can recall any type of information you left in your mind whenever you need it.

Using modern technologies. Daily practicing is the key to success. For those who have chosen the mind palace tactic, there are advanced technologies that can make the process of mind map creation engaging and fun. Virtual memory palace can be built with a modern software product like memoryOS.  Jonas von Essen, as one of the creators and developers, is sure that 3D immersive technologies can increase the effectiveness of the Method of Loci. If you want to hack your mind, choose memoryOS for interactive memory training.

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