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5 Things To Look For When Taking Out A Student Loan?


A good university can be expensive for a student. Student loans help in easing this burden. Additionally, they help students to focus on their studies without the worry of looking for money.

However, before taking out a loan, there are various factors that one should consider. Such factors include the legal obligation to repay the loan and how quickly one needs to start repaying. Below are some key things one should consider when taking a student loan.

1. Repayment Options and Terms

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Each student loan must be repaid on time to avoid affecting the credit score. The repayment options and terms refer to how the loan should be repaid. Student loans have various repayment terms, such as repaying the loan when still in school or after the program.

Paying when in school reduces the overall debt. However, it can be straining if a student is in a more intense program that prevents work while studying. Some bank student loans require them to start making payments after the program. However, such a program can lead to accumulating debt.

A student should carefully study these repayment terms and choose the one that works best for them.

Apart from looking at the repayment options, a student should also consider the repayment terms. It dictates the amount of time a borrower should take to repay the loan. The sooner a student pays the loan, the lower the amount they repay.

However, longer repayment terms have favorable installments, but the loan is more expensive in the long run.

2. Interest Rates

All loans attract an interest amount. Student loans can have a fixed interest or one that varies over time. Many online loan companies and others offering student loans provide this option. Students should carefully study these interest amounts as they vary from one lender to another.

Some companies will have better interest than others. The fees can include interest that accrues daily. However, this amount can be structured to consider a student’s financing needs, budget, and lifestyle. One should carefully compare these rates from several lending institutions to get the best deal. A student should keep these records of the loan taken and the terms agreed upon with the institution.

3. Borrow Only The Needed Amount

Student loans can sometimes be more than one would need. For this reason, a student should calculate the student aid, family contribution, cost of college, and living cost to know the amount they can borrow. When getting loans in the Philippines, one can use a loan calculator to know their repayments.

Ideally, the amount should stay below 10% of the projected salary after tax. Calculating this repayment plan before getting the loan helps avoid borrowing unnecessarily. Additionally, accepting all the financial aid offered helps keep the needed loan amount as low as possible.

However, reading the fine print when accepting financial aid is also essential. One should keep tracking these amounts if one has to get bank student loans from several lenders throughout the school period. Furthermore, getting a loan during the school period can help offset the amount of loan one would need to apply for.

4. What is the Application Duration

If a student plans to apply for a loan, they need to know the time loan companies take to process loans. Some companies can process loans within weeks, especially if there are handwritten applications.

Online loan companies can have a more streamlined process which can take just a few days. However, if this is not the case, a student needs to give themselves enough time for the loan to be processed before the fees are due.

Furthermore, a student can make the process easier by ensuring they submit all the requested details. The details can entail the student’s KYC, such as the ID, admission letter, and a duly filled application form. The details can vary from one lender to another.

5. Flexibility

A good loan is flexible, whether from banks or online loan companies. A lot can happen within a student’s life that can affect their ability to meet the repayments as agreed.

A good student loan provider will allow one to defer payments. They can also restructure it to reduce repayment installments to accommodate any changes. A student must keep an open line of communication with lenders, creating an environment of trust.


Student loans are helpful to many people. They allow students to go through their studies without worrying they will be cut short. For this reason, a student needs to read the terms and conditions carefully and adhere to them.

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