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15 Best Mechanical Pencils 2020 | What is the best mechanical pencil for drawing and writing?

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What is the best mechanical pencil for drawing and writing? In this article, we review the 15 Best Mechanical Pencils 2020. Mechanical Pencils are pencil with a metal or plastic casing and a very thin replaceable lead. Most mechanical pencils have extended the lead as the point is worn away by twisting the outer casing. Mechanical pencils are often used by students and professionals in the engineering profession to provide lines of constant even width without sharpening in technical drawing and in quick, neat writing. They are also used in fine-art drawing.

Mechanical pencils come in well-designed packages and looks that attracts. Choosing the best of the best could be a challenge seeing that it’s a market where everyone is trying to prove their worth. We have however created this great list of the best fifteen mechanical pencils you can choose from to your delight.

Here are the best mechanical pencils, you will certainly be glad you bought any of these.

15 Best Mechanical Pencils 2020

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1. June Gold 8 Pack 0.7 mm HB #2 Mechanical Pencils

Price: $13.99 – Buy from Amazon

June Gold’s premium 0.7 mm HB #2 refillable mechanical pencils are truly a touch of gold. Pre-filled with three black graphite leads, each pencil includes a 27mm long eraser and they are manufactured with a soft non-slip grip that makes handling it for any work comfortable. The graphite lead is introduced by a click at the bottom. Built with superior components to survive the everyday rigors of office and school use, you are certain of ruggedness no matter how long you use. Its leads are quality ad they are manufactured to be break resistant, smooth and clean.


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2. BIC Xtra-Sparkle Mechanical Pencil

Price: From $5.00 – Buy from Amazon

BIC are a household name in writing materials. This mechanical pencil is reliable with sparkly, fun designs, colours and size two leads that are perfect for standardized tests. You will never need a sharpener as its leads advances with a single click. You are guaranteed smooth writing from its lead which does not smudge but erases neatly to keep your clean and tidy.


3. AmazonBasics Pre-sharpened Wood Cased #2 HB Pencils

Price: $12.16 – Buy from Amazon

This mechanical pencil from Amazon is Amazon’s own answer to the mechanical pencil market. This rounded hexagonal shaped pencil is wood-cased and made from high-quality wood  and they come pre-sharpened.  Its strong medium-soft lead produces long-lasting, smooth and readable strokes with a comfortable grip that enables a clean write. It comes with a soft, smudge-free, latex-free eraser secured to its end for conveniently cleaning mistakes.


4. BIC Xtra-Precision Mechanical Pencil

Price: From $5.97 – Buy from Amazon

This extra precision mechanical pencil is suitable for everyday use. Its smooth writing lead does not smudge so that it easily erases. It includes three full length self-feeding leads so that all you need is a click from the rear. It’s an engineer or architect’s delight, another quality product from Bic .


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5. Pentel QUICK CLICK Mechanical Pencil Top of Form

Price: $7.89 – Buy from Amazon

Pentel mechanical pencils are a household name in mechanical pencils production. Its quick click lead advancing button is on its side so that it does not interrupt your writing. The eraser also extends and retracts. This pencil comes with a latex free eraser that won’t smudge or tear paper and you can have a strong grip for hours of comfortable writing with its latex free grip. Different spec of this product include the amazing Pentel twist-erase iii mechanical pencil.


6. Paper Mate Write Bros Mechanical Pencils

Price: From $4.99 – Buy from Amazon

Paper mate boast of producing the mechanical pencils with the longest leads. These long leads ease the stress of running out of lead. Its slim design is easy on your hands so that you can use it wherever and whenever you want to. It comes with a smudge resistant eraser which helps keep your writing clean.


7. rOtring Mechanical Pencil  

Price: From $12.90 – Buy from Amazon

Rotring are a household name in mechanical pencils. This mechanical pencil is an iconic tool meant for a lifetime of use. Its full metal body provides an ideal weight balance for a stress free writing and drawing. It has a brass mechanism which allows for precise lead advancement and a hexagonal shape that helps avoid sliding on drawing tables. A fixed lead guidance sleeve helps prevent breakage and gives you a clear view for precise drawings.


8. Mr. Pen- Mechanical Pencils

Price: From $5.95 – Buy from Amazon

This mechanical pencil set is high quality with lead refill. It has a non-slip, latex-free, soft grip which helps for comfortable writing with less stress. The mechanical pencil is color coded for easy and quick selection of the desired lead size, it is ideal for everyday use as well as using for art, and technical drawing using rulers and templates


9. Zebra Z-Grip Mechanical Pencil

Price: From $5.59 – Buy from Amazon

This 0.7mm mechanical pencil consists of a durable plastic barrel and a convenient metal clip for work. It’s clear and pearlescent cask provides a convenient way to monitor your lead supply. Its

latex-free grip provides durable comfort and control for an expectation exceeding performance and it comes with two full-sized leads for convenience.


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10. Bellofy Mechanical Pencils

Price: $13.99 – Buy from Amazon

This pencil is designed and constructed from the finest aluminum alloy. It comes in a set of 14 pieces with inbuilt sharpeners. Its lead range from 0.5 – 0.7 – 0.9mm sizes and it comes with two white vinyl erasers for easy erasing. These mechanical pencil serve perfectly as sketching pencils, writing tools for kids, drafting tools and even as an office products gift. It is ideal for artists, professionals, students, teachers and kids.


11. Nicpro 12 PCS Mechanical Pencils

Price: $13.99 – Buy from Amazon

Nicpro is a great mechanical pencil collection. It has a full metal body which provides the ideal weight for stress less writing and drawing bringing out improved effectiveness. It is ideal for artist, architects, and engineers and for general use as well. Its hexagonal shape avoids sliding on drawing tables. It’s  a great delight to use.


12. June Gold 4 Premium Mechanical Pencils

Price: From $4.99 – Buy from Amazon

June Gold 4 premium was built with superior metal component to survive the rigors of every day office, school and construction work. It is very reliable and arrives in variety of colours. Its graphite and colour lead refills are break resistant and made to write vibrantly, darkly, cleanly and smoothly and it certainly outperforms other competitors


13. Madisi Mechanical Pencil

Price: $19.99 – Buy from Amazon

Madisi Mechanical pencil is a 0.7 mm HB #2 mechanical pencil. Its assorted barrels come in six different colors. It produces no smudge and writes smoothly. It’s easy push button enables easy release of lead and it has an eraser at its end. It can be used in classrooms, offices, and homes and is a great tool for drawing.


14. Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil

Price: $4.97 – Buy from Amazon

Paper mate clear-point mechanical pencils create clear, precise lines every time. Its side lead advance lets you load lead without losing your grasp on the job. It has a soft grip design that adds comfort and ease to your work. Its jumbo twist up erasers makes erasing fast and easy. It is easily the ideal tool for designers, graphic artists, drafters and engineers


15. Boao 15 Pieces Metal Mechanical Pencils

Price: $16.99 – Buy from Amazon

Boao Mechanical pencil is a great kill. Its leads are made of resin which has a good quality of providing a clear and smooth writing experience. Its black color hardly fades, leading to long-lasting writing. This pencil tip features a small metal tube, thus protecting lead refill from easily breaking, just a click at the button of the pen can extend lead refills easily. Its has many color variants that make it attractive while it can be used anywhere and everywhere for your pencil writing needs.

Amazon Best Sellers Mechanical Pencils

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