The Best New Fitness & Wellness Gadgets 2020

The Best New Fitness & Wellness Gadgets 2020

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With new technology comes new innovations. The fitness and wellness industry has benefitted immensely from the development of new gadgets meant to help individuals attain optimum health. While we have seen a lot of them in the market, they cannot all pass the various quality checks for performance and effectiveness, but we’ll try to highlight the best of the newest wellness gadgets worth having in 2020.

Smart toothbrush – The smart toothbrush concept is nothing new, but Colgate’s prototype toothbrush is phenomenal. The gadget is capable of seeing through your mouth when brushing, and will detect the likeliest deposit of a plague. White light signifies you’re clear to move, while blue light tells you to keep brushing. Expect it to hit the shops before the end of the year.

Smart swimming goggles – Vuzix won a CES Innovation Award for its smart swimming goggles. Most people love metrics when working out, meaning they will love these goggles. They have been designed to display real-time workout information on the lens as you swim, where the display can be configured to show on either lens.

Fitness bands – They’ve been with us for more than a decade, but how the manufacturers manage to make classy tweaks every other time is amazing. The latest versions of fitness brands come close to smart watches, but they are not. You can answer calls, reply text messages, receive email notifications, and basically do everything you expect a fitness band to do. Some of the new makes have automatic activity tracking, so you won’t need to keep reprogramming the band every other time.

Smart scales – Ordinary scales for telling you how much you weigh are outdated. Smart scales apply an advanced technology of using sensors under your feet to quantify the amount of fat in your body, and to calculate your BMI. It matters because muscle naturally weighs more than fat, meaning if you’re adding muscle you’re highly likely to be adding weight. With smart scales, the difference is clear. Interestingly, results can be synced to your phone to keep track of any changes.

Connected running insoles – Runners will love the new innovation of insoles embedded with sensors for data capturing during running. They feature 32 sensors operating at a crazy speed of 1,000 times per second. Data is then remitted to an accompanying iOS or Android app, giving you a detailed breakdown of your running style. Data captured includes cadence, foot strike, balance, pace, step length, and pronation. It has also been claimed that the insoles reduce the risk of injury significantly.

Smart skipping – The traditional skipping rope has come a long way. It still remains a rope, only this time there are smart skipping ropes with an overhead display indicating your total number of skips. It is a big relief to us all as we won’t have to go through the mental strain of concentrating while counting. Data will be sent to your smartphone instead.



Wellness gadgets are life savers from every angle, but you cannot religiously rely on them alone to track your health. A visit to a qualified healthcare professional once in a while won’t hurt, and remember to consult your doctor before commencing a new grueling fitness regime.

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