How to Remove a Festival Wristband without Cutting It

How to Remove a Festival Wristband without Cutting It


We were all there. Taking off your festival wristband may feel like the experience is over and life is back to normal, but unfortunately it has to go.

Some people choose to wear bracelets permanently, but many works in environments where it’s somewhat inappropriate. Do you want?!).

Of course, the easiest way to remove a festival wristband is to cut it with scissors. But how do you keep it as a memento or display it as part of your collection?

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Whether it’s a plastic toggle or a metal toggle, here’s how to remove your festival wristband without cutting it.

How to Remove A Plastic Toggle Festival Wristband

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Plastic gags usually have small spikes on the inside that allow the cloth to move in one direction but not the other. To remove festival wristbands with plastic toggles:

  1. Hold both ends of the wristband fabric and hold them together
  2. Twist tightly to reduce the surface area of ​​the dough as much as possible
  3. using the plastic toggle, wiggle the dough to the loose end as if you were unscrewing it.

Four. Once you’ve wiggled it enough on the fabric, you should be able to pull your hand out and leave the bracelet in place.

This method works for most bracelets with plastic toggles. However, if you still cannot remove the bracelet, we recommend cutting the plastic with pliers or a strong cutting tool.

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How to Remove A Metal Toggle Festival Wristband

Metal toggle bracelets are slightly different in the way they cling to the fabric. Plastic toggles close the fabric by simply moving it towards your wrist, while metal toggles are usually closed with a press.

These are a little more difficult to remove than those with plastic toggles. You can also use a plastic bag (see next point), but this is painful and not always effective. Hmm.

To remove the metal toggle clasp festival wristband, simply pry the clip and thread through the fabric. This can be done using pliers or a flat screwdriver.

CAUTION: Be careful when using tools near your wrist. For this reason, avoid using sharp scissors or tools. Pliers are usually much safer, but it’s always a good idea to get a friend or family member to help.

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Using a Plastic Bag

I have a little trick for removing festival wristbands using a plastic bag. However, if it’s very tight on your wrist, it can hurt a bit and it doesn’t always work.

Here are the steps to remove the festival wristband using a plastic bag:

  1. Put the hand holding the bracelet into a plastic bag
  2. Grab the handle of the case and pull it through the gap between your wrist and the bracelet.
  3. Grab both handles and pull toward your fingers with as much force as necessary
  4. The bracelet should start rolling on your hand. The bracelet should be off.

If none of these methods worked, the best solution is to break the clip so it doesn’t damage the fabric, and if you want to wear it again (after washing of course), use a new clip or paper his clip. Find and fix.

If you have to use scissors to cut the fabric, a broken keepsake won’t ruin your wonderful festival experience.

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