How to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine

How to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine

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Outsourcing software development is becoming increasingly popular. Fair enough, it has proven cost-effective and gives you direct access to a global pool of IT professionals. In addition, employing a dedicated team of application developers means that you are partnering with people who are solely focused on your project and clearly understand the needs of your business. Clients all over the world most often choose the dedicated team model as their collaboration model.

But what is a dedicated team? Simply put, a client needs a development team for a lasting partnership, and a provider assembles the right team to meet the client’s requirements. That is what makes these projects so successful. Clients who carefully specify their requirements get a development team with experience and skills relevant to their unique business needs. Dedicated team members work exclusively for the client, as do internal teams. The only significant difference is that the dedicated team works remotely. As for the question of how to hire an outsourced team, the easiest way to do it is by searching for a vendor online. Or offline through your network and check if their talent pool meets your expectations. Next, we will look at the advantages of this model of cooperation and what attracts international companies to Ukraine.

Benefits of a dedicated team model

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If you’re considering hiring a dedicated team for a specific project, here are the benefits you and your business will receive. 

  • The dedicated team model is cost-effective

One of the simple benefits of creating a dedicated development team is cost-effectiveness. Hiring a dedicated team is cheaper than assembling and building your own team.

  •  A dedicated team offers adaptability and focus

Creating a dedicated team offers a focused approach. You get a dedicated team at your disposal that works only on your project, with no distractions to anything else. And with focus comes adaptability. A dedicated team model’s composition can be changed at any project stage to meet requirements and needs.

  • A dedicated team provides control

When you create a dedicated team, you have complete control over the selection and management of team members. Thanks to the dedicated team model, you can manage highly qualified and competent specialists, project managers, resources, and infrastructure according to the project requirements.

  • Flexible team composition

Flexibility is one of the most significant benefits of building a dedicated team with a technical partner. It is also often the reason why companies that do not initially have their own teams or access to qualified specialists prefer this model. Clients often don’t even know what kind of specialists they need.

Why consider Ukraine for hiring a dedicated development team?

Ukraine is a popular technology hub where most international IT companies can find experienced developers with relatively rare skills. It is no secret that Ukraine has become the “European Silicon Valley” for several reasons, and affordable hourly wages for Ukrainian specialists are just one of them. Over the past decades, Ukraine has made rapid progress in information technology and now holds leading positions in several segments of the IT market.  The main reason is the huge network of tech talent in Ukraine. The Beetroot Teach Market 2021 report indicates that the country passed the 200,000 tech talent mark last year, making it the second largest European IT hub. Ukrainian developers demonstrate a high level of technical skill, ranking seventh in the world in terms of technical expertise. World famous companies such as Microsoft, Siemens, Samsung Electronics, Huawei, Wargaming, and many others hire software developers in Ukraine, which is undoubtedly a sign of high-quality services. Not to mention that Ukraine is home to some globally recognized startups such as Reface,, GitLab, Grammarly, and Restream.

In addition, employing a dedicated team from Ukraine means getting the best value for money. Software development services are relatively cheaper than in most countries without sacrificing quality. Finally, as mentioned above, Ukrainian developers have an excellent command of the English language, which contributes to more efficient cooperation.

How to choose a dedicated development team?

Choosing the right development team is not as easy as it seems. You can compare developing a website to building a house. If you hire unqualified workers who use the wrong materials to build the foundation, your project will be at risk. To avoid such situations in the development of your site, we share the most important aspects based on which you will find the right team. If you are looking for a company from Ukraine, you should look at Brights, which has already implemented over 400 projects for clients from different parts of the world and is a reliable partner.

If you are looking for alternatives, we have collected tips to help you find a dedicated team:

  • Check out their expertise

Do a background check on your future dedicated business. Try googling the company name and see what you find. Then check reviews from previous clients. To do this, you can go to professional resources like Clutch and GoodFirms or LinkedIn or Google.Maps if they have a physical office. After that, you can check the portfolio of your future team. To do this, you can use the same Clutch or other resources that are geared specifically for this purpose, such as Behance. 

  • Evaluate the team’s attention to usability, design, and modernity. We recommend looking at these pages for links to social networks. Here you can “spy” the team’s vision, communication style, and values.
  • Make sure you understand each other

You should clearly understand how the work will be structured, so get all the answers to your questions in advance.

  • Team сapabilities

Some agencies handle large-scale, long-term projects, and some work on a few small projects. A detailed assessment of their area of expertise, knowledge, and experience is enough to uncover the potential of a software developer. This will tell you whether your potential developer can undertake a large-scale project.


The dedicated development team model is one of the formats the market offers. You can choose it when it seems right for your business or goals. It has many advantages because it combines the dedication of your own team with the flexibility and affordability of outsourcing. Naturally, your company will benefit from this cooperation if you are in sync with your managers and team and if this model meets your business expectations. The smart choice for such collaboration is Ukraine, which has become one of the most popular areas of outsourcing for software development over the last few years. When choosing a development team, you should understand that you need not just a task performer but a reliable partner who will take responsibility for creating your product and whom you will trust.

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