10 Ways to get rid of fruit flies permanently

10 Ways to get rid of Fruit Flies permanently

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Are you looking for how to get rid of fruit flies? If yes, this article is for you. In this article, I will show you the 10 ways to get rid of fruit flies permanently.

What are Fruit Flies?

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For easy identification, Fruit fly also called Drosophila melanogaster is a species of small fly around the home or office. The adult fruit fly is about 3 to 4 mm long with red or dark eyes and a tan thorax. Their color range from light tan to reddish-orange and brown.

Fruit flies are attracted to fermenting fruits and other uncovered food items in your home. Basically, they have a taste for too-ripe fruit and other food substances. They reproduce and thrive on high-fructose substances. Fruit flies are also capable of breeding in decaying meat, trash bins, and large spills of soda or alcohol.

Are fruit flies harmful?

Yes, fruit flies could be dangerous and cause health hazards. They are essentially sponges for bacteria and diseases. Fruit flies are winged pests that carry all kinds of bacteria and transfer them just about everywhere they go. Fruit flies have been discovered to carry and spread of pathogenic bacteria, which has the ability to spread to humans via contact. I am not sure you need Fruit flies anywhere in your house. Let’s get rid of them permanently.

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10 Ways to get rid of fruit flies permanently

1. keep those countertops as clean as possible

Cleaning remains the most effective way to get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen or elsewhere. Regularly wipe counters, clean spills, and empty your trash cans to help prevent fruit fly infestations. This is because Fruit flies hate clean surfaces. When you drop food particles or spill sugary substances such as fruit juice in your home, make sure you clean them up on time. If you don’t, those spots become the perfect destination for fruit flies to breed. Regularly wipe counters, clean spills, and empty your trash cans to help prevent fruit fly infestations.

2. Dispose of all over-ripe or damaged fruits

Fruit flies often lay their eggs in rotten fruit and other soft, sweet, organic materials. If you identify a fruit fly infestation in your kitchen, dispose of all over-ripe or damaged fruit. Any subsequently purchased fruit or vegetables should be kept in the refrigerator until the fruit fly infestation dissipates.

3. Always keep ripe fruit in the refrigerator and not on the counter

When fruits ripen, they start to ferment. The fermenting fruits degrade, releasing ethanol, which attracts the flies. Always put ripe fruit in the refrigerator. The cold slows down the ripening of the fruit and the development of the flies. If you want to temporarily keep them on the counter, make sure you put them in paper bags.

4. Remove damp cloths

Don’t keep damp bath and kitchen towels or dishrags around after they’ve been used. Try to wash and dry them every day after use. They can be a breeding ground for fruit flies.

5. Inspect your drains, clean garbage cans, and recycling bins

If there is no fruit or vegetable matter in your kitchen, check your garbage and recycling bins. Fruit flies may also use unclean drains as breeding grounds. Outdoor drains are likely sources of yard-based fruit flies, as are overripe fruits beneath the trees from which they have fallen. Drains should be the initial inspection site when encountering an infestation.

6. Setup a fruit fly trap using apple cider vinegar

This is one of the best ways to get rid of fruit flies fast and easy. Apple cider vinegar fruit fly trap works perfectly fine. Fill a bowl or glass with apple cider vinegar, cover with plastic wrap and a rubber band to seal the edges, and poke tiny holes in the top. The fruit flies will be attracted to the vinegar, but once they’re inside, they won’t be able to escape the plastic wrap barrier.

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7. Setup a fruit fly trap using Mix apple cider vinegar and dish soap

Fill a bowl with the vinegar and add a drop of dish soap, mixing well. The apple cider vinegar tempts the flies with its stale sweetness, and the dish soap actually works to decrease the surface tension of the liquid, so the flies are immediately immersed upon investigating and can’t escape.

8. Setup a fruit fly trap using an old beer bottle

Bust out an old beer. Leave a bottle of old wine or beer out near where the fruit flies were spotted. They’ll be lured in by the stale beverage, but the narrow neck of the bottle acts as a natural barrier to keep them trapped.

9. Try a carnivorous plant trap

This is a wonderful fruit fly trap. Carnivorous plants trap fruit flies on their sticky leaves and then eat them. You can get them from gardeners around you. In this way, the plants help you to get rid of fruit flies naturally.

10. Try store-bought traps

If homemade traps aren’t working for you, visit your local store to buy a sticky fly trap. These traps work effectively on fruit flies and other common flies. There are so many fruit flies traps sold on stores that work effectively.

The most notable ones are;

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That is it on 10 Ways to get rid of fruit flies permanently. If you follow these tips, you will be able to prevent future infestation and save yourself time and hassle.

Thank you for reading.

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