10 New Trends in Kitchen Design Ideas

10 New Trends in Kitchen Design Ideas


People are never satisfied with one thing. They try to innovate in every field and try out new ideas. Some become lost in the passage of time, and others become a trend.

With new appliances, interior design ideas, and décor, there are a lot of trendy designs for the kitchen that have come up in the market.

Here are our top ten picks for new trends in kitchen design ideas.

10 New Trends in Kitchen Design Ideas

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1. Concealed Kitchens

A lot of people live in apartments or small spaces these days. This allows us to innovate so that we can use the limited number of rooms for multiple tasks.

New designs for discrete kitchens are gathering popularity these days. They are designed and colored in a way that it blends with the rest of the room. They are made to be flexible so that one single room can be converted from a kitchen to a living room and vice versa.

There are also some cool designs where the kitchen is concealed in the wall. You can get access to it by opening the panels, which look like a decorative wall finish.

2. Smart Kitchen

Everything is becoming smart these days. Their high availability has caused several home appliances to be smart. Why not do the same for your kitchen as well?

You can have a kitchen that has sensors everywhere. From turning on faucets to detecting smoke and opening the chimney, a smart kitchen can do a lot of stuff automatically.

Equip your smart kitchen with smart accessories, and you are all set. You can make your automatic coffee maker brew some coffee for you when you wake up or use your mobile to turn the lights on and off.

As time will go on, machines will become smarter. More and more work will become automated. And we can assure you that this trend will not die soon. So, start being smart.

3. Photo Collage

Everyone wants to store beautiful memories with their close ones in photos. Some of us hang these photos on walls so that we can see them whenever we want.

What if you hang photos or collages on your walls as décor for the kitchen? They will look good while you can see those photos and remember the good days.

However, kitchen walls have a tendency to get oil and stain stuck in them. So, it is important that you hang pictures that will be easy to clean. We recommend you use canvas collage prints as they are sturdy and waterproof. You can also clean them easily.

4. Going Dark

Most of the time, we use white or lighter colors to design our kitchen. Nowadays, people are trying dark colors in their kitchens. And the results are extraordinary.

Dark mixes of blue and green have recently been gaining popularity. Besides them, we also have dark tones like black, emerald-green, navy, etc. They add a luxurious feel to your kitchen.

Kitchens with darker colors have one advantage – stains are not visible in dark sections. This will ensure that your kitchen looks good and the stains don’t stand out.

However, make sure that you limit the use of dark shades. Else, it can make your room look darker.

5. Opposite Color Contrasts

We use matching colors in our kitchen in general. But you can become a bit bold and try out new shades that are far apart from each other in the color wheel.

You won’t always get contrasts that look good. You will need to use your creativity and experiment using new colors, and select the combination that meets your aesthetics.

We did some browsing here and there and saw that the green and pink combo was popular among people. You can check out other combinations on the internet.

6. Travel Back in Time

You can turn the clock and get back to a classic approach while keeping modern equipment in your kitchen.

You can use bright whites with rich timbers or dark wood colors to bring a mid-century feeling to your modern kitchen. You can also use tall cabinets and white marble tops to add more detail to the theme.

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7. Switching to Ceramic Floors

Hardwood flooring has always been the top choice of people when it came to kitchen flooring, followed by ceramic tiles. However, with advancements in technology and engineering, the newer ceramic tiles are getting a lot of popularity.

Ceramic tiles have a few advantages over hardwood floors. They are easy to clean, do not require much maintenance, and comes in a variety of designs. In fact, ceramic tiles can be designed so that the floor looks like it’s made of other natural stones. Tiles are available in multiple shapes and sizes, which allows you to try out new designs as well.

If you still want to have a hardwood look on your floor, you can always use ceramic tiles with such a design. Some tiles are even available in the shapes of planks of hardwood.

8. Connect Your Kitchen with Outside

Another trend that has been going on in the past few days is connecting the kitchen with other rooms or your patio. Homeowners are also installing multiple entry points on a kitchen so that they can get easy access to entertainment areas.

You can move some furniture and install some doors to connect the kitchen with the living room. Or you can connect your kitchen with the patio using a glass wall.

9. Rustic Version 2

Rustic has been popular among homeowners for quite some time. If you add a layer of paint to some of your accessories or furniture, it produces some pretty cool results.

You can try light shades of paint with rustic walls. You can do some experiments to see which one suits your taste.

10. Terracotta Tiles

We have always seen terracotta in pottery and have been using them for years. What if you put terracotta tiles on your kitchen floor? You can use brass utensils and darker color countertops to bring on a classic feel.

Having terracotta floors will give you a warm feeling and earthly vibes. Give it a try.

11. Pantry Cupboards

Even though pantry cupboards have been used for years, they have been trending among homeowners in recent times.

Pantry cupboards are really convenient. Instead of putting all food goods in different places, we can keep all of them in one single piece of furniture and find them easily. They also save a lot of space as you don’t have to buy extra cupboards or drawers to store different food items.

You can use the empty space to add décor to your room.

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