Submissive vs Dominant Roles: Sexting model Isabella from Arousr explains the differences

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Sexting is a great way to stay connected with your partner, but it can get stale after a while. If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your sexting game, why not try out submissive and dominant roles? Model Isabella from Arousr explains the differences so that you can explore these roles with confidence.


Submissive Role-Play 

The submissive role in sexting is the person who enjoys being “dominated” by their partner. This could involve fantasizing about being tied up or otherwise subdued. Submissives may also enjoy teasing their partners or letting them take control of the conversation. It’s important for submissives to know what they are and aren’t comfortable with before engaging in any kind of roleplay. 

Dominant Role-Play 

The dominant role in sexting is the one who takes charge and leads the conversation. Dominants may enjoy talking about how they want their partner to behave, or what kinds of activities they want to engage in together. This can be a great way to explore fantasies together without actually having to do anything physical together. As with submissives, it’s important for dominants to be aware of their own boundaries when engaging in this type of roleplay. 

Being Submissive or Dominant is Better?

People approach relationships in a variety of ways; however, the idea of being either strictly submissive or dominant is often seen as an important component to some. Having these strong positions creates a certain level of respect between partners as there is an understanding that one’s wishes are taken seriously and respected. A sense of diligence within the relationship will help create a sense of partnership between both parties within the relationship, whether it be romantic or another type. Here, both people know their roles, which can bring different levels of tranquility and comfort in the relationship. That being said, each person has to be comfortable with the role they play in order for two people to build a strong relationship that endures.


Whether you are looking for a way to add some excitement into your relationship or just want something new to try out, exploring submissive and dominant roles in sexting can be fun and thrilling! Just make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable with whatever level of exploration you decide on, as this will ensure that both parties can have an enjoyable experience without any feelings of pressure or discomfort. With Isabella’s help, you’ll be able to explore these roles safely and confidently.  So go ahead and give it a try. You never know how much fun it might turn out to be.


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