Gelbooru Meaning, Uses, Benefits, How to Use |


Gelbooru Meaning, Uses, Benefits, How to Use |

You might want to ask, what is Gelbooru? Well, Gelbooru is a large website containing hentai and safe image resource. Gelbooru has over a million images for you to view and it’s absolutely free.

Gelbooru is far better than the earlier Danbooru; a user-supported hentai/anime image source website.

How Gelbooru is Better than Gelbooru

Most people feel it is superior for these few reasons:

  • -A full-access account (or any account, for that matter) is *not* required to search more than two tags at once (for example, you can search “blonde_hair ponytail beach beach_ball smile ice_cream” on Gelbooru, whereas you can only search “blonde_hair ponytail” on Danbooru without an account).
  • -There are more tags available to search.
  • -There are thousands of shotacon and lolicon images on Gelbooru, whereas there are close to none on Danbooru.
  • -There is usually less maintenance downtime and lag.

Generally, Gelbooru is *tremendously* better than Danbooru.

If you search “mcdonalds’ on Gelbooru, one of the first images you will see is a Super-Saiyan Ronald McDonald.

Imageboard – Wikipedia

An imageboard is a type of Internet forum that revolves around the posting of images, often alongside related text and discussion. The first imageboards were created in Japan as an extension of the textboard concept. These sites later inspired the creation of a number of English-language imageboards, such as 4chan.

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